Khizr Kahn – A Bitter, Lonely Man

Mr Kahn lost his son, Captain Humayun Kahn, an American war hero to an suicide murder attack in IRAQ in 2004. That’s the year I lost my son to suicide.

Our family is no stranger to losing  sons.

My brother was killed in Korea. Another brother was Missing In Action in World War II (long before I was born). My Dad didn’t vote Democrat again after the Korean war.

I say these thing not to diminish the death of Mr Kahn’s son, or to criticize Mr Kahn’s grief. I say it to tell people that I understand Mr Kahn’s pain as only a father of a deceased son could. I understand, just like my parents understood, the futility of a child being killed in a war thousands of miles from home.

It’s not fair.

I believe that Mr Kahn allowed himself, and his son’s legacy, to be used for raw political purposes. Shame on those running the Democrat National Convention for doing this disgraceful thing, even if Mr Kahn allowed it.

Mr Kahn’s  message was a criticism of Donald Trump’s proposed policy of limiting Muslim immigration into the United States until individuals could be checked-out for terrorist connections.  Mr Kahn resents this proposal, and says that if Trump’s proposal would have been in effect when his family immigrated, his son would not have been able to fight for the United States.

Stop right there.  Captain Humayun Kahn was killed by a Muslim. It was Capt. Kahn’s job to keep these terrorist Muslims out of the United States.  He was doing his job, and he knew it.

So, why is Mr Kahn so bitter? First of all, he lost his beloved son, a hero to all of us. Secondly, he seems to ignore why his son died.

Mr Kahn and the media are critical of the racial animosity sometimes felt against Pakistani’s. I am afraid this is a natural feeling given the proliferation of extremist madrasa schools in Pakistan, and the horrible, corrupt Pakistani government that gave long term shelter to Osama Bin Laden, murderer of thousands of American citizens.

As a Christian I love Mr Kahn and am praying for his and his wife’s comforting in this time of great sorrow and pain. I cannot relieve that pain and suffering, but God can help Mr Kahn as he helped us after our son died.

Donald Trump’s Muslim policy proposal is rational, and will save American lives. It is a counterfactual argument that if the policy were in effect years ago, the son would not have been in the USA to fight and die for that country.

Counterfactual means that it did not happen that way. Mr Kahn knows that when they immigrated conditions were different, and that arguments about what could have happened are pure speculation with no hint of truth. Then was then, and now is now.

Now is the time to beseech God for protection from Muslim terrorists so that more Captain Kahn’s do not have to die, either overseas, or here at home.





11 thoughts on “Khizr Kahn – A Bitter, Lonely Man”

  1. Thanks, Ed. Everybody seemed to be walking on eggs because the man lost his son. I felt that I was one of the few that could address the issue without seeming out of line, or non-compassionate.

  2. As you state, Kahn’s argument is a false one and re4ally doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out.

    I’m even more incensed at Paul Ryan ragging on Trump. The #1 mandate of the feds is National Security and Ryan thinks stopping VERY potential killers from coming to the US is unconstitutional. UN Real.

  3. Contrast this brouhaha with the Republican National Convention, Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who died in the 2012 attack in Benghazi, blames Hillary Clinton personally for her son’s death. … “I have repeatedly asked Hillary Clinton to ask plaintiff may the real reason why my son is dead.”

  4. Ed: Pat Smith had my attention at the RNC. I know that the Republicans use these deaths like the Democrats use them. but the Press doesn’t seem to notice the Republican case. They are twisted.

  5. I have to now add that Of Course, when D Trump suggested a ban on moslems from certain countries that the democrat think tank got one of those big group smiles and said Hey Let’s get some moslem parent(s) who lost their moslem American military son/daughter and parade them around on all the democrat media outlets.

    Point being the dems are so incompetent, they didn’t even bother to find a moslem parent who wasn’t involved with moslem terrorists and who wasn’t feverishly working to bring sharia to America. It wouldn’t have been hard. It also wouldn’t have been hard for the entire state department with hilrod clinton as secy of state to come up with the actual Russian translation for the word Reset. But they simply don’t care. They don’t have to put any effort in. They have an entire slave voter base who are either terminally dependent or terminally stupid.

    Imagine the clinton’s start a Donate to Haiti campaign, actually telling people send cash and donate directly to the clinton foundation, and nothing is done for anyone in need in Haiti (kids still running around naked a year later. Many running around without shoes, no homes with new roofs) and the clintons pocket all the money that came in from that and don’t even suffer criticism from the media about it. Of course they know they are indestructible. That’s the tip of the iceberg. The very idea that the beast is actually running for the white house…) Can it get any more disgusting than that.

  6. Bob, I believe you left a wonderful “prayer comment” at my place and I can’t FIND IT…could you come back and try? I loved it and want to read it again…

    Don’t agree on Ryan, but I agree on your beautiful post.
    I urge you to read SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS…an excellent book …that explains the truth behind Islam and why so many Muslims don’t seem to understand the evil in their koran.

  7. Z: I don’t remember that prayer comment, and I don’t know how to keep a record of my comments, anyway. I thought I did comment on your Faith blog, but don’t remember what I said. Oh, my, it must be that time of life when it is dangerous to commit oneself to writing if you never remember what you said.

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