Bill Clinton At The Philadelphia Fizzle

The entire nation was waiting for Bill Clinton’s appearance to rehabilitate Hillary after a week of being bad-mouthed at the Republican National Convention. The question is, did he succeed?

Some of the pundits claim he did a superb job. I don’t see it that way. Bill Clinton is still Bill Clinton, and he has never been known for telling truth. Of course, the Democrats in the audience ate it up. Others, like me, listened carefully as Bill listed achievement, after achievement whether or not Hillary had anything to do with it.

If questions would have been allowed for Bill Clinton, one of those questions would have been, “Where is this mythical Hillary?” She’s not there. This Hillary has never existed, and never will.

Bill started his presentation with personal stories about his and Hillary’s early relationship. Not once did he say anything negative, of course. She was a little princess that grew up to save the world from the wicked Republicans. Oh, how wonderful and tearful it was to listen to his account of this love story. There was no mention of Bill’s legendary philandering and womanizing.

The big finish in his presentation was Bill asking the audience to compare the Hillary presented in the Republican National Convention to the Hillary he presented tonight. To those people who watched the RNC, the answer was obvious. To the Democrats, they could only go with Bill Clinton because it was scripted that way. The comparison was ludicrous.

Bill said that you could put Hillary anywhere in the world and within one month the situation there would be better. Of course, he didn’t mention her destructive influence on Libya (Benghazi), Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. The woman has been a one person wrecking crew in international affairs.

The Clinton Foundation corruption issue was not mentioned, either. Plus, there were probably a dozen or so scandals dating back to the Clinton administrations that were not mentioned. The liberties Bill Clinton took with history are nothing short of fiction.

Bill didn’t mention Hillary’s illegal and dangerous use of a personal email server for official, and classified government business. Bill didn’t mention the recent revelations of the DNC emails where Hillary connived with the Democrat National Committee to trash any chance of Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the Democrat nomination.

The “Big Dog” doesn’t have the fire in the belly, anymore. I don’t think he helped Hillary very much. The Democrats didn’t need convincing, but the Bernie Sanders crowd does. Who knows how that will work out after the screwing the Sanders people got?

Bill Clinton was not able to dispel the doubts about his wife that were generated during the Republican National Convention. She is what she is, and there is no inoculation from lying and cheating.

Poor Bill is getting old, and shows it. He doesn’t have the fire in the belly, and cannot impart enthusiasm like he used to.

I don’t think the nation will buy what Bill was selling.

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Bill Clinton At The Philadelphia Fizzle”

  1. Bob, good piece! I got home late and watched Bill on tape………and thought what you did…I also mentioned at my blog that they had a woman on this morning who did a study of the reactions of Dems, Reps and Indies, and he didn’t go over as well as the Dems hoped. SHe said she thought the ‘sweet little couple’ stuff doesn’t work after his philandering.
    Let’s face it, doesn’t nearly every American think about that each time we see Hillary and Bill embracing on stage, etc? I do, sadly.
    We know he’s not up there to point out her shortcomings but I, too, found it odd when he stressed how HILLARY FIXES THINGS, which is a dangerous comment in regard to Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iray, as you said.

    He did hit on having her do health care when she was First Lady, which surprised me because it crashed and burned but, instead of saying it wasn’t a good enough plan, he blamed a filibuster… ‘it’s the Republicans who didn’t pass it…what do they know?”

  2. Thanks, Ed. I didn’t mind watching Clinton, but I’ll be darned if I will watch Barack Obama spread his manure all over the TV tonight.

  3. Z: I almost felt sorry for Bill because he is looking bad. On the other hand, he is the architect of his own health and other problems. We all are. I will not watch Obama tonight. I have seen and heard enough of his equivocating and stupid remarks. Other than that, I will have a pleasant evening. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I’ll just say this.
    A woman at the company I work at went to Haiti with her church group well after the clintons were shilling for Haiti after that natural destructive event. Hurricane? Can’t remember. Guess what, kids were still running around naked. Kids and adults were still running around without shoes. No home had a roof replaced. However, a textile factory was constructed away from the damage and the owners were a few or more friends of the clintons. The clintons are people who come to your house, rape you 6 year old daughter then tell you it was all for your benefit.

    I’d heard the clintons were encouraging people to send money directly to the clinton foundation and were also encouraging them to send cash.

  5. Kid: I have heard similar accounts of Haiti and the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. The country was devastated, and Billions of dollars were sent to organizations to help the people. The story is sickening, and seems to have no end for that poor country. Not only are the Clintons corrupt, but the government in Haiti is, too. It is tough to beat the layers and layers of corruption. Thanks for the information.

  6. Bob Yes, as you say – even if the money had gotten there, it would have been scarfed up by the top layer.
    For me, this really put a spotlight on just how corrupt and evil the clintons are. No redeming value whatsoever.

  7. Bob…ALSO…I was thinking about how he talked about how WONDERFUL Hillary is and you’ve got to know everybody’s thinking “Wait, Bill, if she is SO WONDERFUL, why have you screwed around on her all these years?” They have no shame.

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