Trump Triumphant

Donald Trump , Winner
Donald Trump , Winner

I was fortunate enough to watch most of the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week, and found it very entertaining. Like most other people in the USA, I was hugely impressed with Donald Trump’s family. Watching the the family make presentations was like a combination of brains and beauty at work. All the members of the family are smart, and good looking. What can you say about internationally famous super-model Melania Trump, plus drop-dead beautiful daughters in Ivanka and Tiffany, and a couple of good looking hunks like Donald, Jr. and Eric. They are all smart. Really smart.

Like Mike Pence said, you can’t fake good kids!  Donald Trump has been blessed with this family, and he is responsible them in no small way. It says a lot about the man.

There were no surprises as the week went. Uh, I forgot about Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz. What a disaster. I don’t think it was a disaster for Trump. Donald Trump is teflon when it comes to things like this. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has committed political suicide, at least in the short run. Bye, Ted!

Donald Trump made solid points about how our economy has been abused; how our “free trade” agreements favor the other parties; and how the current administration has neglected the defense of American citizens by under-estimating enemies, and in ignoring those same enemies.

The media talking-heads have called the RNC a dark convention with all the negative stuff about the current administration. As a matter of fact, I thought the message was a positive one about getting rid of the people like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama who have been ruining our country. Employment is down, incomes are down.

Hope is down.

That’s the really big message to which the American people are responding by supporting a non-politician like Donald Trump. I did not particularly like Donald Trump when he started his campaign, but I must admit that the guy is very, very smart.

He is not bowling people over with ambitious policy announcements. His message has started, and continues be that he is a winner.

WINNER! The media cannot figure out what it is that draws people to Trump, but remember the constant and sometimes obnoxious message that millions and millions of people have voted for him. He presents a constant message of winning, winning, winning.

Obama and Hillary are losers. In every category where political leaders are measured, Obama and Clinton are losers. The American people want winners, and are tired of losing. Like I said, Trump is smart.

Next week we will be deluged with Hillary Clinton’s sharpshooting at Donald Trump. She will call him racist, anti-immigrant, and who knows what. The simple truth is that she has no achievements to offer the American people. She is a loser.

It’s time for the popcorn again. Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Trump Triumphant”

  1. If all this stuff were not so serious it would be funny. How in the world can half the country (my niece included) actually like what they see in the Democrat Party?

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