Obama’s New World

picture of Barack Obama signing legislationOur world has been coming apart. Internal to the USA,  black Americans protest about racial discrimination from police departments. Shootings of black males in the last three weeks dominated the news before a Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist ambushed five white Dallas, Texas policemen during a BLM protest. It was a very bloody month, and it’s getting worse.

Nice France, a beautiful city on the French Mediterranean coast, was the site of a brutal murder scene as a Tunisian Muslim piloted his twenty-ton delivery truck at full speed along a five kilometer stretch of road, massed with celebrants of France’s Bastille Day. Eighty-four people were mowed down and died almost immediately, and another two hundred remain injured from the bloody ride by the ISIS inspired Muslim known primarily as a petty thief. The carnage was unbelievable by any comparison, and has become the new standard of non-gun related Islamic terrorist attacks.

The cable news networks studios had hardly had a shift change from all the news from earlier in the week when a coup was initiated by military officers in Turkey. The Turkish President Erdogan was not in the capitol of Ankara, but orchestrated his defense from Istanbul. He managed to resist the coup leaders in the military, and has now taken his country back. Thousands of soldiers, and thousands of judges and other prominent people are under arrest in Turkey. A self-exiled Pennsylvania Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen, is being blamed by Erdogan as having planned the attempted coup, and Erdogan is demanding that the USA extradite Gulen back to Turkey for trial.

There’s not much doubt that there is more bloodshed in the works for Turks involved with the coup attempt. It seems that there is a good chance that Ergodan may have staged this coup to finally, once and for all, get rid of secular leaders and military officers who might oppose an Islamic state in Turkey. Ergodan is known to be a ISIS sympathizer.

What does all this have to do with Obama? Naturally, it’s Obama’s fault.

Obama has repeatedly blamed white police for seeming racial problems before getting the facts. Over and over, he has had a chance to become a leader in race relations, but he seems incapable. The cancerous Black Lives Matter movement is a direct result of the federal government’s mishandling of the Ferguson, Missouri killing of a black thug name Michael Brown. Obama tries to blame a lack of gun control in terrorist motivated mass murders.

Barack Obama knows no moral standard when it comes to life and death.

We knew from the beginning of his administration that his philosophy in dealing with terrorists and crooked Islamists was such that the middle-east was in danger of coming apart. It is happening. With his encouragement of Iran to get the Islam Bomb, and the deterioration of our only NATO ally in the region, Turkey, we are seeing a dissolution of the stability in the  middle-east, such as it was.

Barack Obama has not been good for the country, and has torched any attempt at a decent legacy. Do you want to bet that he will double-down on his ill conceived policies?


12 thoughts on “Obama’s New World”

  1. Very well written. If I may lay down my own short analysis of one barry soetoro..

    We can sum this POS up solely on the Mike Brown incident.
    A 15 year old overgrown thug who his parents disowned in the sense of raising him decided to go to a local store, steal some cigars and abuse the store owner. Shortly after, Mike decided to respond to a police officer who was advising him to get our of the middle of the street, by punching him in the face, actually breaking some bone around the eye socket, then trying to steal the officers gun and getting shot in the hand in the process. Once the officer regained his faculties, he exited his vehicle, called for Mike to present himself for arrest at which time, Mike decided to try to kill an armed police officer with his bare hands. He was righteously shot several times as he charged the officer, and fortunately for the officer – Darren Wilson – one of the bullets struck Mike in the head bringing him down immediately before he could do any more damage to the officer.

    barry’s response to this? Turn Mike Brown into a hero, then take his deadbeat parents to the UN to highlight America’s “Problem” with police brutality and racism for the world to see then pay them millions of dollars for their service to America, their son and their failure to raise a responsible law abiding person.

    What would have been a much better choice for barry would be if he called out to ‘his people’ to understand that they need to first – obey the law, and secondly, follow the instructions given them by duly authorized police officers, taking any complaints they may have about the incident through normal legal channels like anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would do.

    Then barry would be free to call for any police officer convicted or murdering anyone in cold blood (We’ve seen a few videos that make it clear this does happen) to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and call for special sentencing to be applied to such individuals, since these individuals carry loaded weapons and have complete control over any citizen they choose to screw with in public. Sentences should be a minimum of life in prison in solitary confinement for cops convicted of such things.

    As far as barry is concerned, the police and white people are always at fault. This is why we have black people running around shooting cops. barry and his administration – most notably himself, eric holder, loretta lynch, the head of ICE and many others are directly and personally responsible for inciting these black losers to run around killing cops. They should be in jail for this. barry should most definitely have been impeached by now, but unfortunately our government is completely incompetent in performing their duties for Americans.

  2. Kid: 100%. I agree. On the news today, I watched the Baton Rouge Police Chief talk about yet, another, attack on his police officers. He called for leadership to lead in a healing process, knowing full-well that Obama is incapable of any kind of said leadership.

  3. Great post, Bob…I wish I didn’t agree with you. As for Turkey, I’m Armenian, so I’m glad i’m not there now 😉 yikes!
    Interesting hypothesis that he did this in order to round up those who are against him…my GOD, this really sounds like the beginnings of the Armenian genocide…rounding up people on (pardon the expression!) trumped up charges…then escalating to the death of 1.5 million. hmmm

    Kid, WHAT an excellent bunch of thinking….I can tell when my nerves are most on end when I read comments like yours and get weepy! I’m so sad about the truth you write..SO sad for our country. SO incredibly sad for Black America, all those who DO feel their kids need good parenting and that all lives matter.

    Did you know Shep Smith fought Bobby Jindal today about the gov having used ALL LIVES MATTER in their phone interview ? Yup….”Gee, governor, why do you have to say that? You know there are folks who really are offended by All Lives Matter..” Later, Jindal kept saying “But that’s the truth..all lives DO matter~!” and Shep started again “Did you have to use that expression AGAIN?”
    (p.s….FOX has had thousands of tweets and emails “FIRE SHEP SMITH” we can only hope…I’ve NEVER liked the jerk!”)

  4. Bob, Thank you so much. Agree. I also liked the police chief or Sheriff who said dealing with the gangbanging offspring of democrat breeder women should not be their responsibility. Yep.

    Z, Thank you so much.

    I’m not very impressed with Fox as you now, least of all shep. How can you possibly argue with all lives matter? Unreal.

  5. Kid, I haven’t been ‘very impressed’ by FOX for about six months now……..but I like to see what’s going on and can turn off when I’m fed up, so it works.
    NEVER watch Hannity….but there’s stuff to learn on Megyn and O’Reilly’s shows…and the excellent cons like Krauthammer, Britt Hume, etc etc….good stuff there..

  6. Z: I didn’t make up the Erdogan set-up theory. The guy has been so bad that lots of people immediately thought he had planned the whole thing. Whether he did or not, is says a lot about the guy. Plus, Turkey will never admit to the Armenian genocide. I think it is because of their Islamic mentality. Maybe I’m wrong…

    By the way, don’t be so hard on Shep. He is from Mississippi, having gone to the University Thereof, and never graduated. First of all, folks from Ole’ Miss can’t function in the real world. Second, the idiot never graduated. He is just an illiterate cotton picker.

  7. Kid: Everytime I get disgusted with Fox, I get another look at Kimberly Guilfoyle on The Five. Very refreshing…

  8. Bob, Some Turks DO admit the genocide but the government won’t…actually, they blame it ON Armenians…
    Also, I’m hoping they never do admit it as a gov’t, because it’s a huge sticking point with them not being admitted to the EU. Hopefully, the EU disbands and passports will be reimplemented, but if it isn’t, and Turkey is admitted, there’d be even MORE Islamists all over Europe….GOD FORBID.

  9. BOB! KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE? UGGGHHH!!!! You find her “refreshing?” You used that word only cuz you know I’d see this, didn’t you? You really mean “REFRESHING?” 🙂 i’ll bet you wish you were ON THAT BUS with her 🙂

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