Hillary Was Not Under Oath

Hillary Clinton - Never Under Oath, Never Telling The Truth
Hillary Clinton – Never Under Oath, Never Telling The Truth

When the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton about her security classified emails, she was not under oath. That’s what Director Comey said in his answer to the Congressional committee. Therefore, no matter how she lied to the FBI in the interview, she could not be indicted for lying under oath to federal agents.

This is unbelievable!

This means that the fix was in long before Hillary was interviewed, or before Bill was conspiring with Loretta Lynch on her private plane at the Phoenix airport. Oh, sure, it was probably a situation that was negotiated by the Clinton lawyers with the FBI. If so, why did the FBI let that happen?

The reason is transparent. There has never been any intention on the part of any Federal Government official that Hillary would ever be threatened with indictment. How else could this have happened?

There is not only the appearance of dishonesty in the government, we know that Hillary broke the law.  Whatever her intent could have been does not matter under that law.

We do not have a justice system. We have a system set-up for politically connected scofflaws. These people, including Hillary Clinton, are criminals in any sense of the word.

The question is, what can we do?



4 thoughts on “Hillary Was Not Under Oath”

  1. Comey’s playing an interesting game.
    Maybe he knew that a recommendation would go unheeded by Lynch.
    His testimony before Congress might be his revenge.
    More damning evidence against Hillary may be coming out this way than the other.He knew they’d ask him about the perjury, and now that get’s dragged out.
    If Lynch had squashed an recommendation, it would all be over.

  2. Ed: Interesting about what you day about Comey playing an interesting game. I am not sure of the game he is playing, but I believe he IS playing games. Maybe that game is for his survival career-wise, or something else. He seems to be cool, calm and collected during the questioning. I would not hold my breath waiting on any further investigation of Hillary.

  3. By the way, there is no need to be under oath to the FBI. There is no crossing of fingers.
    You get the 5th amendment or you get to tell the truth.

  4. OK, Ed. I surrender. I had heard (?) that if one lied under oath, not only could you be charged with lying to a federal agent, but a charge of perjury might apply. Gotta get my legal stuff together.

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