The Bitch Is Back

Well, Hillary actually never left, but today we get the news that the FBI is recommending that no charges be filed against Hillary because there didn’t seem to be any intent to break the law. Hillary and crew were, however, very careless.

How many laws were broken by this public servant? How many people have been indicted for lesser infractions? They are too numerous to list.

From the beginning, President Obama said Hillary would not be indicted. Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport on Lynch’s private airplane for thirty minutes, and this was just days before the FBI made its announcement. There are so many fishy things about this that no rational person would believe that this announcement was made with a breath of integrity.

Folks, Hillary belongs in jail. Now we know just how much the system is rigged against regular people, and how it is rigged to allow the Clintons of the world to get super rich. The Clinton’s are, indeed, in the upper one percent. That’s the top one percent of crooks.

7 thoughts on “The Bitch Is Back”

  1. And how about this guy that was going to testify against hilrod has his neck crushed in a weight lifting accident. What? Anyone with one brain cell to rub together would never bench press alone without some safety mechanism in place. No evidence of foul play? Yea, probably not. Coupla guys show up wearing gloves, pick the lock, take the dude down to the weight bench, put 150 lb on the bar, lay him back, drop the bar on his neck. Coupla guys relock the door on the way out and gone without a trace.

    Man this sucks. It doesn’t suck because the clintons are in focus again, it is because approx half this country are so stupid as to allow it. Why 250 million people aren’t shouting from their windows day and night is the real problem. America disappeared without a whimper and plunged it and the world into 1000 years of darkness.

  2. Kid, that guy’s death was really good timing, wasn’t it………
    So, what about the guy who pleaded the 5th so many times for HIllary? He’s clean, everybody’s clean, yes? Hillary’s clean, too!!! (ya, right)

    Bob, did you happen to see the former assistant FBI Director on this Comey announcement…it broke my heart. He said how much he’s always admired COmey and stood up for him but “not anymore.” And talked about how many FBI guys are disheartened. I can see there is no INTENT, but SUCH “Gross negligence!”

    I LOVED Paul Ryan coming out saying Hillary should not get classified information if she can’t handle it…bravo for Paul!

  3. Ed, Actually, I’ve read through the clinton body count. Who knows, seems unlikely to me someone who lifts weights would bench enough weight to kill them and be alone.

  4. Kid: It always seems to be a lot of smoke around the Clinton escapades, but the fire is never found. Sometimes, people wind up dead, but that is never a link to the Clintons. All the same, they ought to be in jail.

    Ed: I think we all are having a tough time with this one.

    Z: I have been hearing for months that Comey is a stand-up guy that would never do anything that was even slightly off-color. He would go where the facts led him. Well, we should have known what would happen. I think we all were conditioning ourselves for a big let-down on this one with Hillary. I believe that somehow the Clintons got to him, and also to the Attorney General. As much as I am leery of Trump, his claim that the system is rigged has taken on a new dimension.

  5. Kid: Not only is that one applicable, but Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to a federal agent. Yup, and it came out in the trial that the feds lied to Martha Stewart (I think), too. Those jerks can set-up a “sting” offering millions of dollars, i.e., lying, to get you to say yes, I will take the money. I don’t think you even have to take the money. What a fraud justice in this country has become when it involves government.

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