Bill And Loretta’s Uninterrupted Thirty Minutes

Inquiring minds want to know. Do we have another Bill Clinton sexual escapade going on here? Hey, Loretta may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but have you looked at Hillary, lately?

Did they really do the nasty-nasty, as revolting as that may seem?

Of course, not!

Bill was on a mission, and that mission was to keep his wife out of jail, and to keep the ill-gotten gains of the Clinton’s personal piggy-bank foundation. This was the Clinton’s hail-Mary desperation pass to the end-zone. We all know that Loretta Lynch is under intense Presidential pressure to not indict Hillary, and Bill was trying to get a personal commitment from the Attorney General.

No matter how you look at the incident, there is nothing honest or honorable about it. Bill Clinton was doing what he always does, and that is to influence events and people to keep any in his crowd out of jail.

So, what do we as citizens do when, as expected, Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Hillary Clinton. Do we surge into the streets, vigorously protesting the illegality of our federal government? How do we put the Clintons in jail if the government refuses to do its job?

Sure, there will be lots of lawyer talk about justice being done, and the investigations not coming up to the necessary level to indict a presidential candidate. But, that’s all lawyer talk, most likely by an administration that ignores the law on every possible occation to achieve their ideological goals.

It’s time the government was forced to enforce the laws on the books, and not ignore those that are inconvenient for the Democrat Party. The laws are for everybody, and maybe it’s time for a movement to can the whole lot. The whole situation with Hillary getting away with murder, and Obama getting away with shredding the Constitution, is revolting.



8 thoughts on “Bill And Loretta’s Uninterrupted Thirty Minutes”

  1. To say nothing of the fact that Lynch’s husband is said to have been with them 🙂 Well, of course, one NEVER KNOWS!

    That caption on Bill’s picture ROCKS…so good.
    And your question is the key, something the Left is counting on and the Clintons are already sure of: if she’s not indicted, NOBODY WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE TRUTH. OR Darryl Issa will have yet another senate hearing and the whole scandal will be erased forever, like his ridiculous hearings usually work.

    The CLintons always WIN……..WHEN are we Americans going to realize how VERY VERY powerful they truly are?
    The SWINE. (oops!!)

  2. “The SWINE. (oops!!)” No oops needed. They are, indeed, pigs that have been feasting at the public trough for their entire careers. It has been worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and there is crime in there, somewhere. They are amoral, and have no intention of doing other than they have. Both of them belong in jail.

  3. ” Obama getting away with shredding the Constitution, is revolting.”
    I wish it were, and it is. but not to enough of us to revolt.

  4. Ed: I think there is a revolt going on, but I wonder if there are enough votes to get the job done.

  5. No doubt about it: Bill was on a mission — and the one that you speak of, Bob.

    There may or may not be enough votes of revolt at the ballot box. **sigh**

  6. AOW: Yes, I am convinced that Bill was there for only one purpose. I also believe the American people see it the same way. The problem is that we have Donald Trump as the only salvation. Yikes!

  7. Z: Happy Independence day to you, also. After watching Watters World on the O’Reilly show, I am depressed that there is no way our younger generation will ever attain the knowledge to understand this world.

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