Month: July 2016

Bill Clinton At The Philadelphia Fizzle

The entire nation was waiting for Bill Clinton’s appearance to rehabilitate Hillary after a week of being bad-mouthed at the Republican National Convention. The question is, did he succeed?

Some of the pundits claim he did a superb job. I don’t see it that way. Bill Clinton is still Bill Clinton, and he has never been known for telling truth. Of course, the Democrats in the audience ate it up. Others, like me, listened carefully as Bill listed achievement, after achievement whether or not Hillary had anything to do with it.

If questions would have been allowed for Bill Clinton, one of those questions would have been, “Where is this mythical Hillary?” She’s not there. This Hillary has never existed, and never will.

Bill started his presentation with personal stories about his and Hillary’s early relationship. Not once did he say anything negative, of course. She was a little princess that grew up to save the world from the wicked Republicans. Oh, how wonderful and tearful it was to listen to his account of this love story. There was no mention of Bill’s legendary philandering and womanizing.

The big finish in his presentation was Bill asking the audience to compare the Hillary presented in the Republican National Convention to the Hillary he presented tonight. To those people who watched the RNC, the answer was obvious. To the Democrats, they could only go with Bill Clinton because it was scripted that way. The comparison was ludicrous.

Bill said that you could put Hillary anywhere in the world and within one month the situation there would be better. Of course, he didn’t mention her destructive influence on Libya (Benghazi), Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. The woman has been a one person wrecking crew in international affairs.

The Clinton Foundation corruption issue was not mentioned, either. Plus, there were probably a dozen or so scandals dating back to the Clinton administrations that were not mentioned. The liberties Bill Clinton took with history are nothing short of fiction.

Bill didn’t mention Hillary’s illegal and dangerous use of a personal email server for official, and classified government business. Bill didn’t mention the recent revelations of the DNC emails where Hillary connived with the Democrat National Committee to trash any chance of Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the Democrat nomination.

The “Big Dog” doesn’t have the fire in the belly, anymore. I don’t think he helped Hillary very much. The Democrats didn’t need convincing, but the Bernie Sanders crowd does. Who knows how that will work out after the screwing the Sanders people got?

Bill Clinton was not able to dispel the doubts about his wife that were generated during the Republican National Convention. She is what she is, and there is no inoculation from lying and cheating.

Poor Bill is getting old, and shows it. He doesn’t have the fire in the belly, and cannot impart enthusiasm like he used to.

I don’t think the nation will buy what Bill was selling.

What do you think?


Trump Triumphant

Donald Trump , Winner
Donald Trump , Winner

I was fortunate enough to watch most of the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week, and found it very entertaining. Like most other people in the USA, I was hugely impressed with Donald Trump’s family. Watching the the family make presentations was like a combination of brains and beauty at work. All the members of the family are smart, and good looking. What can you say about internationally famous super-model Melania Trump, plus drop-dead beautiful daughters in Ivanka and Tiffany, and a couple of good looking hunks like Donald, Jr. and Eric. They are all smart. Really smart.

Like Mike Pence said, you can’t fake good kids!  Donald Trump has been blessed with this family, and he is responsible them in no small way. It says a lot about the man.

There were no surprises as the week went. Uh, I forgot about Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz. What a disaster. I don’t think it was a disaster for Trump. Donald Trump is teflon when it comes to things like this. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has committed political suicide, at least in the short run. Bye, Ted!

Donald Trump made solid points about how our economy has been abused; how our “free trade” agreements favor the other parties; and how the current administration has neglected the defense of American citizens by under-estimating enemies, and in ignoring those same enemies.

The media talking-heads have called the RNC a dark convention with all the negative stuff about the current administration. As a matter of fact, I thought the message was a positive one about getting rid of the people like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama who have been ruining our country. Employment is down, incomes are down.

Hope is down.

That’s the really big message to which the American people are responding by supporting a non-politician like Donald Trump. I did not particularly like Donald Trump when he started his campaign, but I must admit that the guy is very, very smart.

He is not bowling people over with ambitious policy announcements. His message has started, and continues be that he is a winner.

WINNER! The media cannot figure out what it is that draws people to Trump, but remember the constant and sometimes obnoxious message that millions and millions of people have voted for him. He presents a constant message of winning, winning, winning.

Obama and Hillary are losers. In every category where political leaders are measured, Obama and Clinton are losers. The American people want winners, and are tired of losing. Like I said, Trump is smart.

Next week we will be deluged with Hillary Clinton’s sharpshooting at Donald Trump. She will call him racist, anti-immigrant, and who knows what. The simple truth is that she has no achievements to offer the American people. She is a loser.

It’s time for the popcorn again. Have a great week.


Obama’s New World

picture of Barack Obama signing legislationOur world has been coming apart. Internal to the USA,  black Americans protest about racial discrimination from police departments. Shootings of black males in the last three weeks dominated the news before a Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist ambushed five white Dallas, Texas policemen during a BLM protest. It was a very bloody month, and it’s getting worse.

Nice France, a beautiful city on the French Mediterranean coast, was the site of a brutal murder scene as a Tunisian Muslim piloted his twenty-ton delivery truck at full speed along a five kilometer stretch of road, massed with celebrants of France’s Bastille Day. Eighty-four people were mowed down and died almost immediately, and another two hundred remain injured from the bloody ride by the ISIS inspired Muslim known primarily as a petty thief. The carnage was unbelievable by any comparison, and has become the new standard of non-gun related Islamic terrorist attacks.

The cable news networks studios had hardly had a shift change from all the news from earlier in the week when a coup was initiated by military officers in Turkey. The Turkish President Erdogan was not in the capitol of Ankara, but orchestrated his defense from Istanbul. He managed to resist the coup leaders in the military, and has now taken his country back. Thousands of soldiers, and thousands of judges and other prominent people are under arrest in Turkey. A self-exiled Pennsylvania Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen, is being blamed by Erdogan as having planned the attempted coup, and Erdogan is demanding that the USA extradite Gulen back to Turkey for trial.

There’s not much doubt that there is more bloodshed in the works for Turks involved with the coup attempt. It seems that there is a good chance that Ergodan may have staged this coup to finally, once and for all, get rid of secular leaders and military officers who might oppose an Islamic state in Turkey. Ergodan is known to be a ISIS sympathizer.

What does all this have to do with Obama? Naturally, it’s Obama’s fault.

Obama has repeatedly blamed white police for seeming racial problems before getting the facts. Over and over, he has had a chance to become a leader in race relations, but he seems incapable. The cancerous Black Lives Matter movement is a direct result of the federal government’s mishandling of the Ferguson, Missouri killing of a black thug name Michael Brown. Obama tries to blame a lack of gun control in terrorist motivated mass murders.

Barack Obama knows no moral standard when it comes to life and death.

We knew from the beginning of his administration that his philosophy in dealing with terrorists and crooked Islamists was such that the middle-east was in danger of coming apart. It is happening. With his encouragement of Iran to get the Islam Bomb, and the deterioration of our only NATO ally in the region, Turkey, we are seeing a dissolution of the stability in the  middle-east, such as it was.

Barack Obama has not been good for the country, and has torched any attempt at a decent legacy. Do you want to bet that he will double-down on his ill conceived policies?


Hillary Was Not Under Oath

Hillary Clinton - Never Under Oath, Never Telling The Truth
Hillary Clinton – Never Under Oath, Never Telling The Truth

When the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton about her security classified emails, she was not under oath. That’s what Director Comey said in his answer to the Congressional committee. Therefore, no matter how she lied to the FBI in the interview, she could not be indicted for lying under oath to federal agents.

This is unbelievable!

This means that the fix was in long before Hillary was interviewed, or before Bill was conspiring with Loretta Lynch on her private plane at the Phoenix airport. Oh, sure, it was probably a situation that was negotiated by the Clinton lawyers with the FBI. If so, why did the FBI let that happen?

The reason is transparent. There has never been any intention on the part of any Federal Government official that Hillary would ever be threatened with indictment. How else could this have happened?

There is not only the appearance of dishonesty in the government, we know that Hillary broke the law.  Whatever her intent could have been does not matter under that law.

We do not have a justice system. We have a system set-up for politically connected scofflaws. These people, including Hillary Clinton, are criminals in any sense of the word.

The question is, what can we do?



The Bitch Is Back

Well, Hillary actually never left, but today we get the news that the FBI is recommending that no charges be filed against Hillary because there didn’t seem to be any intent to break the law. Hillary and crew were, however, very careless.

How many laws were broken by this public servant? How many people have been indicted for lesser infractions? They are too numerous to list.

From the beginning, President Obama said Hillary would not be indicted. Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport on Lynch’s private airplane for thirty minutes, and this was just days before the FBI made its announcement. There are so many fishy things about this that no rational person would believe that this announcement was made with a breath of integrity.

Folks, Hillary belongs in jail. Now we know just how much the system is rigged against regular people, and how it is rigged to allow the Clintons of the world to get super rich. The Clinton’s are, indeed, in the upper one percent. That’s the top one percent of crooks.

Bill And Loretta’s Uninterrupted Thirty Minutes

Inquiring minds want to know. Do we have another Bill Clinton sexual escapade going on here? Hey, Loretta may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but have you looked at Hillary, lately?

Did they really do the nasty-nasty, as revolting as that may seem?

Of course, not!

Bill was on a mission, and that mission was to keep his wife out of jail, and to keep the ill-gotten gains of the Clinton’s personal piggy-bank foundation. This was the Clinton’s hail-Mary desperation pass to the end-zone. We all know that Loretta Lynch is under intense Presidential pressure to not indict Hillary, and Bill was trying to get a personal commitment from the Attorney General.

No matter how you look at the incident, there is nothing honest or honorable about it. Bill Clinton was doing what he always does, and that is to influence events and people to keep any in his crowd out of jail.

So, what do we as citizens do when, as expected, Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Hillary Clinton. Do we surge into the streets, vigorously protesting the illegality of our federal government? How do we put the Clintons in jail if the government refuses to do its job?

Sure, there will be lots of lawyer talk about justice being done, and the investigations not coming up to the necessary level to indict a presidential candidate. But, that’s all lawyer talk, most likely by an administration that ignores the law on every possible occation to achieve their ideological goals.

It’s time the government was forced to enforce the laws on the books, and not ignore those that are inconvenient for the Democrat Party. The laws are for everybody, and maybe it’s time for a movement to can the whole lot. The whole situation with Hillary getting away with murder, and Obama getting away with shredding the Constitution, is revolting.