Obama Insults America

Barack Obama portrait
Our Arrogant President

Barack Obama, President of The United States, has once again insulted the intelligence of the nation. The horrid slaughter of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in an Orlando night club was an act obviously inspired by Islamic ideology. The murderer called 911, confessing that he pledged allegiance to ISIS, and was heard chanting Allahu Akbar (God is greater), the ubiquitous battle-cry of Islamic terrorists world-wide.

In his speech on TV today, Obama said that the motivation for the attack was unknown. BULL! We all know the motivation because the killer himself told us, in his own words, and in his own 911 recorded confession. What else does the President need to recognize this problem?

Apparently, President Obama still thinks that deeds like the Orlando terrorist attack is the result of lax gun laws. He said the killer was full of hate. Obama used the word, hate, several times in his speech of excuses. The President is staying with his arrogant narrative.

Islamic terrorism is the culprit.

Obama is to blame for not recognizing the threat.

10 thoughts on “Obama Insults America”

  1. Yep, yep, and yep. It’s not gonna change, it’s only going to get worse if another dem is elected.

    The moslems will be armed to the teeth and we’ll be disarmed. Imagine.

  2. I don’t think there has ever been a chief executive of the United States so arrogant that he has refused to recognized the reasons for attacks on our homeland.

  3. Z: I have been around, but have not spent much time blogging at my site, or commenting at others. The reason is that I am tired of cussing Obama when it is so obvious that the guy is not adequate for the job. Also, I am tired of all this Trump stuff, too. Plus, there are other things going on since it is summer. A few days at the beach will help with the grandkids. I don’t anticipate much blogging at the rented beach condo.

    Thanks for thinking about me.

  4. Bob, I hope you have fun at the beach! You’re missed! And I SO GET why you don’t want to TALK TRUMP. By this time, I wish I’d never heard his name. AWFUL!!!

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