Trump’s Outlandish Positions Have Meaning

Donald Trump is really good at inserting his foot into his oral cavity. In fact he does it so often I wonder if it is all on purpose. Apparently, others feel the same way. Over at the Power Line Blog Paul Mirengoff has an article about Trump’s Vince Foster inference of a suspicious death. As most will remember, the determination was that Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton’s law partner, committed suicide.

Of course, Trump is backing off the idea that the Clinton’s were involved in Foster’s death. However, Mirengoff and others seem to think that Hillary Clilnton’s problems and caustic personality lead to Foster’s suicide. After all, Foster is thought to have stolen the billing records for the White Water scandal case, and then to have given them to Hillary. If Foster would have testified against Hillary and Bill, they would both be in prison at this moment.

That’s why the entire country is still suspicious of Hillary’s machinations. Wherever she goes, she is accompanied by her personal bubble of corruption. In all of her endeavors, there is the smell of crime and sometimes death. One of the hallmarks of the Clinton’s is that their conduct is always questionable enough that even natural deaths can be attributed to them.

So, Trump kicks over this particular nest, and watched while people go ballistic. While all this is going on, he takes a shot at the judge who is adjudicating his Trump University law suit.

Oh, my! Trump has now accused a Federal District judge of being prejudiced against Trump’s case. The press is falling all over themselves using accusatory words like, racist, prejudice, and Hispanophobic ( I made that one up). Is Trump so stupid as to think he can win the law suit by bad-mouthing the judge?

There may be a method to his madness. Trump may be angling for a new judge because this one is against him with some pretty far-out rulings. US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is first generation American citizen, and his parents were Mexican nationals. Curiel is an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton, and there is no wonder why Trump thinks he is getting screwed.

The judge is closely affiliated with La Raza, a racist Mexican organization that advocates the annexation of California and other western states into Mexico. The organization is a communist front, and is part of the Hate America group of people. This judge is a dishonest, racist, Hillary Clinton supporter and should  recuse himself from the case.

I think Donald Trump is doing us all a personal favor for pointing out the bias and prejudices of Federal Court judges.

So, when Trump sounds like he is saying stupid things, think again. The guy will surprise you.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Outlandish Positions Have Meaning”

  1. Agree. Also google The Clinton Body Count

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    Some say there are no coincidences. Well, maybe but there sure as heck aren’t this many coincidences.

    Al Capone is in hell and jealous of the clinton success to the point he is trying to commit suicide for his own incompetence at crime.

  2. Al Capone – That’s funny!

    I agree. There is such a thing as a coincidence, and there’s also easy to make conspiracy theories. But, the Clinton trail of bodies, barely escaped crimes, and just plain nose thumbing at the law is just too much. There’s a lot of smoke, and I am thoroughly convinced, a good bit of fire. They need to go to jail.

  3. Curiel is apparently not in La Raza and neither is his La Raza Lawyers Association…no connection. Supposedly. I find it odd they’d have to use THE RACE as if that’s THE ONLY RACE, but there’s no connection, according to most people on both sides of this.

    Yes, the Clintons should both be in jail…
    Seen this one? Just chalk it up to yet another scandal the news is basically ignoring.

    Trump; I have nothing but disdain.

  4. OK. Curiel is a Mexican, and is probably racist. Specifically, he should not be in a position of judging a Republican Presidential Nominee. He is a Clinton supporter, and has contributed to the Clinton campaign.

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