Trump Is Misunderstood

trump_speechIt was a raucous press conference. Yesterday, Tuesday, Donald Trump hosted a press conference at Trump Tower to finally reveal the amounts and dispositions of the money he raised for military veterans when he skipped a Fox News Channel Republican presidential debate.

The press conference was either a resounding success, or a miserable failure, depending on your feelings for Donald Trump. He was vintage Trump with combative, in-your-face, go-to-hell press diatribes headlining his remarks. At one point, he called ABC’s Tom Llamas a sleaze. Llamas didn’t deserve the insult even though ABC News is a sleazy organization.

The press was attacking Trump the whole time during the conference, and it was not cool. You see, they just don’t understand Donald. Donald Trump is your best friend forever if you say nice things about him. If you don’t say nice things, you are demoted to the sleaze level, fast.

The press could have avoided the whole mess just by asking their questions with phrasing like used with Hillary Clinton. Instead of saying, “Why did you skip a televised debate by claiming you raised money for vets?”, why not say, “It was so thoughtful that you skipped that useless televised debate to raise money for the vets. Do you plan to release the details of this wonderful effort?”

Contrast the press attitude regarding Hillary Clinton. Hillary is almost never held to account for her straw-man answers. For example, she keeps claiming that most previous Secretaries of State used personal email. That is not the issue. The issue is that Hillary, exclusively, used a personal email server for ALL of her personal and official email, thereby putting classified information at peril for none other than political reasons. Why doesn’t the press corner her on this obvious distortion?

The press is in the bag for Hillary, and hates Donald Trump. It gets that simple.

I don’t want to put myself in a position of defending everything Trump says. I don’t agree with everything Trump says, but I do believe he has the right to treat the press like they treat him.

Trump may lose the election, but not because he fights with the press. It makes great theater.

Give’em hell, Donald!

6 thoughts on “Trump Is Misunderstood”

  1. I find Trumps attitude toward the press as distasteful as I find the press generally. Trump would theoretically be in full support of thorough vetting by the press, given the right wing claims of a lack of such for Obama; but Trump quite clearly does not wat media vetting. Take his word for it…he’ll be great!

    Clinton has largely avoided this, because she avoids media environments where she can’t control the narrative….or the harsh lighting. I just wish Trump and his spokespeople/supporters would quit talking in provably false absolutes. It does them no favors amongst those not in their camp, who they should be trying to court.

  2. CI: I completely agree with you. I get tired of all the lies, shucking and jiving politicos are doing. However, I have promised myself that I will not get an ulcer or have a heart attack over this election. I am too old to put up with that crap.

  3. “Donald Trump is your best friend forever if you say nice things about him.”
    That is one of his worst personality traits and probably the one that disqualifies him for my vote.
    He is a child.
    Why in heavens name did he not earlier release the veteran’s donations?
    Does he see this as a game to be played?
    He is a child.

  4. Ed: There are lots of people trying to explain Trump, so I am not going to try. I am sure he is a smart guy, but he is also about sensitive as any person I have ever seen. We will see if he can play the game. Perhaps he is changing the rules like Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame. I will still vote for him.

  5. I agree with 99.99 % of this. The .01 I disagree with is your determination that the reporter did not deserve being called a sleaze.

    As Trump said, He knew the truth and reported something else. He is not doing his job. The reporters job is to inform the public regardless if it disagrees with their political view. I think some of these people should be indicted on treason changes. Too bad that’s not a crime anymore. Sleazebag. yes, at least. The only way to expose these tools of the democrat media is to got total hardball. My opinion.

  6. PS, I left a comment over at Z’s place (long one), on why Trump needs to be crude to be successful. You might find it interesting. Or not 🙂

    One of the last comments on All of a Sudden….

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