Honor To Our Brothers

I wrote this article four years ago, and believe that it is time to republish. Honor to all my brothers.

Gonna' Say It

Today, I want to memorialize two 19-year-old men who were killed in wars, my brothers Charles and Jimmy.

Charles was the first-born in the family, and was born into a poor, rural household. The year was 1923, and the Great Depression was just around the corner. The entire South was in poverty in the early twentieth century, not having gotten over decades of discriminatory Reconstruction, depression, and destructive farming techniques.

On February 4, 1941 Charles enlisted in the Army at Ft. McPherson, GA. He was radio operator, and was sent to the Hawaiian Department.  That was before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 of that year. He got there in time for the attack, and eventually wrote a letter to his younger brother, Ray, telling him of the experience. We still have copies of that letter.

After the attack, personnel were confined to the base…

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3 thoughts on “Honor To Our Brothers”

  1. Damn good write up. I’ve lost friends to war, but never relatives [excepting that the asbestos in my Grandfathers Destroyer probably killed him]. It takes a tough soul to bear witness to that, and to write poignantly about it.

  2. Sorry to hear about this Bob. No doubt there was a large hole created that can never be filled in this world.

  3. CI: Thanks for the good words. It is never east to lose anybody, but in a war it seems so unfair for others to live, and your loved one to get killed. My brothers were no braver or more patriotic than anyone else, but the did their duty, like it or not. That’s the key. They all did their duty. It’s quite a contrast to today, especially when we see young people get their shot at the big, wide world and all they do is look for a safe place.

    Kid: I never new the brother MIA in WWII. The guy killed in Korea was my hero, my really prized big brother. He used to box me around, playfully, as big brothers do. My parents are the ones who really had to endure. Thanks.

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