Trump Poised To Become Republican Nonimee

Donald Trump , presumptive Republican Candidate for President of The United States
Donald Trump , presumptive Republican Candidate for President of The United States

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Donald Trump will probably become the Republican Party Presidential candidate.

Call him the miracle guy, or call him a blundering, misogynous, narcissistic billionaire. I have called him all these things, and have not been a Trump supporter. I voted for Marco Rubio, and looked upon Ted Cruz as the devil incarnate.

Donald Trump represents the candidate with the, well, I don’t know what he really has to offer. Some say that people like what he has to say, but I have not heard many specifics come from his mouth on policy. At the least, he will build the wall on our southern border.  At the most, everything will be “so much better”.  Like, how?

Trump has a lot of negatives to overcome. Remember that he accumulated lots of those negatives because of all the ads launched against him during the primaries.

While the Trump show is going on in the Republican primaries, the Democrats are showing just how ragged and out of touch they are. Hillary Clinton, the media’s favorite candidate, is putting up a miserable performance against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It is inconceivable that Bernie is running in the Democrat Primary. First of all, Bernie has never been a Democrat, having run as an Independent his entire political career. Secondly, Bernie is an enthusiastic socialist, and probable communist. He may get the free-stuff kid vote, but I think most people are too smart to vote for him.

Hillary’s negatives are just as high as Trump’s, but I think that Trump can, with time, overcome a lot of his problems. He has to get a lot smarter in courting women’s votes, and also figure out how to get a decent slice of the minority vote. This is not easy.

For whom will I vote? Donald Trump, that’s who.



7 thoughts on “Trump Poised To Become Republican Nonimee”

  1. Days like this are when I’m glad I’m not a Republican…as I’d have a serious moral dilemma with regards to my party. Since I believe the general election is now Clinton’s to lose….it would be fitting for the GOP to die the death it deserves. Perhaps something worthwhile can rise from the ashes. Sadly, I fear the Senate will flip left in November as well…….a fate far worse than President Clinton.

  2. CI: I see things differently because I am a Republican. Like many R’s, I lean to Libertarian principles. Trump is definitely not a Republican, as Sanders is definitely not a Democrat. Maybe it’s about time that something like this has happened. I believe Trump can win if he runs the right kind of campaign. Right now, it’s anything but Hillary. Well, almost anything but Hillary.

    Ed: I had the same thought last night. Now that Trump has virtually achieved the nomination, what will he do with it? We all know the man is not stupid, but at some point he will have to say something. However, Barack Obama never said anything coherent in his campaigns, so why should anyone else?

  3. Makes me laugh and cringe at people like CI’s comment that it would be FITTING FOR THE GOP TO DIE THE DEATH IT DESERVES…as if the Democrats are just terrific. and as if it’d be a good thing,..people are suddenly saying I CAN’T WATCH FOX ANYMORE..>GREAT! No party, no opinion other than MSNBC? That’s GOOD? And we expect things to get better in America? Let’s concentrate on defeating the LEFTWINGERS first then do something about the party.

    Today on CNN, a .lefty was bragging about the cohesion the Dems have in contrast to the mess the R’s are in…and he was right. I look at it as an insult to the Left, however, because they won’t dig down and criticize each other like the R’s do….there aren’t two opinions openly welcome to leftwingers… At least we have enough brains to realize not every solution is “throw more money we don’t have at it”.

    We don’t know what Trump will do. I could use a whole week without ever hearing his name…or maybe I’d settle for an hour?

  4. Z:

    “I could use a whole week without ever hearing his name…or maybe I’d settle for an hour?”

    I feel the same way. Mrs Bob fusses with me when I abruptly turn the news off, but I am really tired of hearing about the election. This is probably the most important, and the worst election cycle ever in the history of the USA. I even read a whole technical book in the last two days to keep from hearing Trump for 24 hours.

    Keep the faith, lady, and thanks for your comment.

  5. I haven’t the faintest what Trump will do or not do. I do know exactly what clinton will do, and any vote not for the clinton opposition primary candidate is a vote for clinton. That’s something I cannot do. No way, No how. But it’s easier for me I guess since I have never voted For someone. I only vote against democrats.

  6. Kid: I think Trump will do exactly what he says he will do, given the chance. I believe he is serious about the wall, and I believe he is serious about the Muslims. It has nothing to do with racism, but it has everything to do with safety and good business. He is a bright person, but he is also a narcissist. Whatever is good for Trump is good for the country. Yes?

    Like you, I tend to vote against evil. Sometimes I have to hold my nose to do it, but I can’t see any other alternatives. Voting for a Libertarian candidate is like not voting. We have to vote for a win.

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