Trump’s Still Rolling

Once again, Donald Trump trounced everybody else in the South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday. His lead remains substantial compared to everyone else, and his followers don’t seem to be bothered by one faux pas after another as Trump manages to insult every living being on the face of the earth. Strong opinions in sensitive areas can lead to strong defeats in general elections.

And then, along came Marco Rubio. Marco managed to come in second place to Trump, out-distancing Ted Cruz by a mere 0.2% of the Republican primary vote. This is not a big lose for Cruz, but I think it underlines the possibility that people are starting to see Cruz for the sleaze bag he really is. First, he and his campaign lied about Ben Carson abandoning the campaign for President while Iowans were caucusing. Second, there have been some pretty shoddy tricks the Cruz campaign has tried in South Carolina. I think Ted Cruz senses he is on the downhill of his run for the Presidency, and he is trying to eliminate at least some of the competition.

We can talk about winning all we want, but there is only one true winner in South Carolina, and that’s the candidate that has walked away with all fifty of the state’s Republican delegates, Donald Trump. I don’t see any change in this movement if Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Carson remain in the race.

If Rubio or Cruz can get lucky with the other candidates backing out, then there is a chance for someone other than Trump to win the nomination. However, come March 1, somebody other than Trump needs to win all those delegate votes in the Super Tuesday block of state primaries. If an alternate candidate does not win any states, the game will start to look like it’s over.

Personally, I like Marco Rubio because he is intelligent, articulate, and has his goals set in the right direction. Ted Cruz has some positions that I don’t favor. Donald Trump needs to get out of his “deport them all” position on illegal aliens. We need immigrant labor, and it is a lead-pipe cinch that we will wind up with some sort of amnesty. The proper Republican position is to make sure the borders are secured.

This election season is going to be long and drawn out, and I have yet to comment on the Democrats in the race for their own nomination. True, they area a couple of old white people who have no clue except for outmoded, nineteenth century models of economic and social constructs. Even at that, one of those lack-luster aged politicos could win the election.



7 thoughts on “Trump’s Still Rolling”

  1. Bob, you and I politely disagree on Cruz. Sleaze is a bit strong.
    Trump is a disgrace.
    Rubio would be better than Trump.
    But we can afford to export a ton of “guest workers” , especially h1b scabs.

  2. Thanks, Ed. I suppose you get the idea that I don’t like Cruz. I have never liked the man, although I do favor some of his positions. Yes, Trump is a disgrace, but he is likely to win the Repub nomination. I have made up my mind to hold my nose. I really like Rubio because I think he can bring in some Hispanic voters and we are really going to need some of those.

    I could be wrong about the whole thing, but right now that’s the way I am thinking.

  3. I think we can deport MANY considering what we’d save in healthcare alone. My poor sister has to go to a clinic because she’s on Medical now and she can’t get appointments for 2 months with some specialists (she’s trying to get diagnosed for odd symptoms) Obviously, the family would chip in BIG TIME should she need it,but she’s preferred to go on her own at this point. I asked what nationality most of those in the waiting room at the clinic are and she said HISPANIC. They’re overloading California hospitals ..and free. ALL FREE. I who worked hard don’t get ANYTHING free.
    I have to admit I think Cruz has become quite sleazy, too….sadly.

    Even Rubio’s turning me off with his talking about Trump’s spray-on tan now and using CON ARTIST every 5 words…enough already. Time to stop the insults.

    These are the same dopes who’ll be 100% behind the nominee (Publicly) which is going to make them look REALLY stupid at every interview they endorse whoever it is, as the TV station they’re talking to runs video of them attacking that guy they like so much now that they’re out of the race. ANything for a CABINET POSITION….
    Like what CHristie’s doing now. Why ELSE?

  4. I watched an listened to both Rubio’s speech in Kennesaw, GA, and Trump’s speech in Bentonville, AR. By the way, Bentonville is the home of Walmart if you wondering why he went there. There’s lots of people there, some with money.

    Rubio was on first taking advantage of Trump’s bad hair and Trump’s spray-on tan. I agree with Marco that Trump is a con man, although a very rich and successful one. All Trump talks about is Trump, and I get very tired of that very quickly. He doesn’t seem to know anything about issues. He dwells on the polls. It looks like I will be voting for Marco Rubio come Tuesday here in Georgia. I also think that Trump will be the eventual winner if three of the candidates don’t drop out real soon.

  5. AOW: I haven’t been paying attention to the speeches this last weekend. If Marco is doing that certainly that could be a good thing. After all, you can’t let a good sound bite go to waste 🙂

    I gotta pay more attention.


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