Ted Wins -Hillary Ties

Ted Cruz handily won the Iowa Republican primary tonight, with Donald Trump scoring as number two. Marco Rubio came in a strong third place, almost tying Trump’s second place. If there was a loser it was Trump.

Hillary and Bernie ended up in a tie in the Democrat Iowa primary. This is a just finish because, philosophically, you cannot tell the difference in the candidates. This finish answers the question, “What’s the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?” There is no difference.

The really disappointing thing about this primary is that socialism, the often debunked and failed nineteenth century social system, has reared its ugly head in our college aged youth. This reveals a dangerous failure of the American education system. This is the direct result of liberalism in our college class rooms.

Now that the Iowa spectacle is over, it would seem that we could get back to life as normal. Don’t bet on that. With the New Hampshire primary coming up next week, things will start to get really noisy and busy in the political world. Cable news will get more frantic, and internet postings will get absolutely frenetic.

So, what’s a calm and thoughtful person like me going to do to keep my cool and not get an ulcer in the next ten months? I will work on NOT turning on the TV, and try reading more books. I might even get a library card.

God help us all. If the nominees wind up being Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, I think we can look forward to the nastiest election in history. After all, Hillary is the nastiest person in history, and Ted loves to fight.

What do you think will happen?


5 thoughts on “Ted Wins -Hillary Ties”

  1. If the nominees wind up being Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, I think we can look forward to the nastiest election in history.

    I have my doubts as to the electability of Ted Cruz.

  2. I was disappointed most in the lack of support for Paul….not that I expected him to place top three, but for all the shallow “talk” of Libertarianism within the GOP, one would think this would translate to action….rather than crass attempts at rebranding.

    I think Cruz-Clinton will be the matchup, and it damn near makes me weep.

  3. AOW: Thanks. I got the idea from the same article you linked. It is scary how our education system has been polluted with socialism..

    I, too, have my doubts about the electability of Cruz.

  4. CI: If I don’t watch it I may get ulcers over this one. I don’t think Cruz is the man. I would rather see Trump because he would make mince-meat of Hillary, at least verbally.

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