GOP Field Still Crowded

GOP candidates on debate stageYou would think that the field of GOP presidential candidates would start narrowing, but it is still pretty big. So far, only Governor Pataki, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, and Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin have dropped out. In any normal election year that would leave only one or two main candidates, but this year we have a bumper crop of really smart and experienced GOP candidates.

Forget Donald Trump for a minute. Lots of people would like to forget Donald Trump, but try to do so for a minute. Of the rest of the candidates, we have Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Chris Christi, and several other strong candidates would make excellent Presidents. The problem is that there are so many good choices, it is hard to come up with one overall best choice. That’s where Donald Trump comes in.

Since we cannot forget Trump, we have to be realistic and think of him as the presumptive candidate. That’s when I get all nervous and sweaty. I really don’t think Trump can beat Hillary. She will lie, and he will lie. Their lies will cancel each other, and the woman vote will put Hillary over the top. Or, maybe the woman, Hispanic, Black, Labor, “I feel sorry for myself.”, and Poor White Trash block votes will give the Presidency to Hillary. It will be a sad day in America if we let this happen.

How are the primaries going to play out? Trump will not win Iowa or New Hampshire. That will give Cruz, or Rubio, or Christie some traction going into the Old South, where Trump has been campaigning since almost the beginning of the race. My estimate is that Trump will pull it out in the South will solid majorities in the states that count. Maybe Florida will be split by Rubio and Bush, but Bush might not last until then.

I have not counted delegates, but there seems to be a way for somebody to beat Trump, or at least carry the challenge to the convention in  Cleveland. It’s going to be a rough spring and summer for the GOP candidates. Somebody has to win, and I certainly hope it isn’t Trump.


7 thoughts on “GOP Field Still Crowded”

  1. daniel: Trump is his own worst enemy, at least that’s the way I see it. It is still hard to believe he garners most of the support. Maybe I haven’t done all my homework.

  2. Trump said last night’s rally had 20000…the cops are saying 2000. I believe the cops. I believe he’s become a carnival sideshow and people go see him just to hear his outrageous remarks. Last night he said to throw a heckler out in the cold “and don’t let him take his coat”.
    Trump is a bully, a blowhard, an egomaniac and he’s mean.
    I predict he’ll get very few votes….I hope.

  3. The description I got from Fox News last night was that Trump’s staff gave out 20,000 tickets to the event. This is pure genius, because they knew the event would be full, and that people would be turned away at the door. It was also reported that some of Bernie Sanders’ people who were there to heckle Trump were turned away, too. I would really like to know that truth of the thing.

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