Fiorina Is The Smartest Person In The Race

Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina
Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina

Yep! Carly Fiorina is without a doubt the smartest person in the race for President of The United States. Just take a look at her background.

Carly Fiorina got her bachelor’s degree at Stanford University, the West Coast Ivory Tower of choice. She has an MBA from the University of Maryland, and a master’s degree from the Sloan School of Management at MIT. Friends, it just doesn’t get any better or smarter than this. Note that she is also a mother, and an employee during most of this time. She actually worked as a Kelly girl, i.e., a secretary. So, her claim that she went from secretary to CEO is absolutely the truth.

It takes a lot of strength, brains, and energy to do what she did. She worked at AT&T where the corporate culture was anything but dynamic and feminine. Women executives almost never existed. Not only did she reach executive heights in a stultified culture at AT&T, but she absolutely had to kick ass and be several levels of talent above her male competitors. The  woman is a dynamo, and a legitimate intellectual. She is a doer, capable of getting things done that others can only talk about.

She was hired as CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP) because of her record of accomplishments at ATT and Lucent. Her great sin was proposing and executing the purchase of the gargantuan computer company, Compaq. There was an ugly fight between Fiorina and the son of the founder of HP, David Packard, where Packard bitterly opposed the purchase of Compaq. Fiorina was eventually fired for the Compaq purchase.

Later, it was finally conceded that HP has survived to this day partially because of the purchase and revenue of various components of Compaq. HP spun out the test equipment divisions upon which the company was built, and bet their future on the computer business. Compaq not only brought a PC manufacturing business to HP, but also a software and hardware servicing business that had been acquired by Compaq from Wang. These revenues contribute handsomely to HP’s revenues  to this day. Fiorina saw the value in Compaq, and took advantage of the situation.

You may wonder just how Fiorina has ready answers to questions posed during the presidential debates. This is because of her background. She makes it her business to know what she is talking about. Contrast her answers to Donald Trump’s. Intellectually, Trump is way behind the curve compared to Carly. Curz and Rubio are also brilliant, but, Carly has explored the options more than any of the other candidates.

From what I am saying, you might think that I am a Carly Fiorina fan. You would be right. My dream ticket is Carly Fiorina as President because she would shred Hillary’s credibility in a micro-second, and Rubio as VP.  We need the power of Fiorina as President, and the conservatism and Hispanic connections of Marco Rubio as VP.  It’s going to be a tough race.

Being a realist, I would still vote for Trump if he is the Republican nominee. We really have to win.

4 thoughts on “Fiorina Is The Smartest Person In The Race”

  1. We do have to win Ed. Either that or go down hill so much more, so much faster, that even the zombies are shocked. I’m wondering if that’s possible though.

  2. Don’t worry about it. We should name our blogs with our names, that way things wouldn’t be so confusing. I have the same problem with yours and Ed’s blog. 🙂

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