Seven Years Down The Drain

I will never forget the first time I saw John Belushi in the National Lampoon movie, Animal House. Millions of American men connected with characters in that movie. One of the most memorable quotes is when John Belushi’s character, Bluto disconsolately uttered those famous seven words, “Seven years of college down the drain“.

In the last seven years our economy, our foreign relations, our national security, and our national pride have been going down the drain.

The Obama White House has been performing like some college social club that concentrates on the partying and relative social positioning, rather than serious issues. It is as if Delta House has come alive, and Joe Biden has taken on the role of Bluto, and President Obama has taken the role of Otter, the smooth upper-classman who was screwing everything in site. They only thing the White House is serious about is political power, not economic or national security.

To make matters worse, the White House has bought into the genocidal goals of the climate change crazies. These guys are off the deep end. Such disreputable scientists as Paul Ehrlich and Dr John Holdren, the President’s personal science advisor, are paraded front and center. These are the crazies who jointly advocate population control. That plan includes genocide. Obama seems to like their ideas.

As a consequence of their ignorance, the world is starting to crumble as Islamic terrorists have their sway, bombing passenger airplanes from the air, and beheading Christians with impunity. Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is asserting his influence in the middle-east while Obama is retreating. The Iranians have found a way to construct their much desired nuclear weapons because of a desperate agreement our President wanted for his legacy.

Seven years ago, the US Government started a review process to determine whether Canadian Keystone XL pipeline should be built across portions of the United States to help Canada export some of their oil. The US State Department was involved because the situation involved relations with a foreign country.

During the following seven years, the Environmental Protection Agency, and every other concerned government agency could find no fault or problem with the project. It was obvious from the outset that the whole project was political, especially when there was NO science that showed any harm or danger to the public, or to public lands.

So, what stand does our mighty and super-intelligent President take? Our playboy President announced today that the Keystone XL pipeline project would not be approved.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

The tragedy of the Keystone XL pipeline saga is that politics have triumphed over science, economics. and common sense. There is no rational argument that one can launch justifying the cancellation of this project. Much needed jobs would have resulted, and the available of more oil would have contributed to a long term stabilization of the world oil markets.

In case you are thinking that the carbon emissions from this project would have contributed to some sort of world-wide catastrophe, you are wrong. There is no science that shows that carbon dioxide is anything more than a moderate greenhouse gas. Indeed, CO2 is necessary for life and the production of the very oxygen we breathe. CO2 is plant food, and  as every high-school biology student learns, is called photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is life!

For seven years this administration has had the Keystone XL pipeline decision before them. For seven years the administration has been trying to find a way to mitigate the political blowback from their mindless opposition. Now that national elections are looming, Obama had to move. He is counting on the idea that the electorate will forget his insanity of cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline in time to keep the Democrat Party from being erased from electoral politics for generations to come.

Seven years of no gain. Seven years of virtual recession. Seven years of kissing up to terrorists.

Seven years down the drain.

8 thoughts on “Seven Years Down The Drain”

  1. I’d say 7 years of motoring downstream actually. Down the drain seems to me as nothing accomplished, but much Has been accomplished, just not in the positive direction. Respectfully.

  2. I can do with that viewpoint, Kid. Still, from my viewpoint nothing good has been accomplished, therefore the whole seven years have been wasted. Once again, respectfully.

  3. 7 years wasted for sure. I think something a lot of people don’t realize, (you probably do) is that it is so much easier to screw things up than make them better. So much easier. I think if folks even had a grasp of that.
    An abstract visual aid – If you have $100 in the market and you lose 50%, (so now you have $50), you need a 100% gain ($50) to get back to even. It is so important to Not Lose ground because it is so hard to get back. Good luck to us man.

  4. Good luck, indeed, and yes I have been through a couple of market crashes. It is SO much harder after a 40% drop in one’s portfolio value to get back to where you started. 40% down means you have to grow your account by 2/3 to get back to where you started. It takes lots of time.

  5. Yes, OBAMA, the geologist expert, has decided we can’t have it….odd that this happens (after 7 YEARS) just before the CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE next month, huh?
    This is a horrible turn of events and it’s sad that there isn’t more discussion on the news about it, but when FOX is the only one dissenting….
    7 wasted years on EVERY SUBJECT……..but Kid’s right….for Obama’s taste, it’s not been wasted; we’re FAR worse off than when he came into office; mission accomplished.

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