So, What’s So Great About Paul Ryan?

picture of Paul Ryan
Speaker of The House
Rep Paul Ryan (R, WI)

It depends on who is doing the talking, but some say that the GOP is in a condition of disarray, and some say there are no more problems than usual in any political party. They are both right.

Usually, I listen with great interest as to who thinks what about the condition of a political party, and I think that a lot of people do the same. It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Democrat and Republican operatives are usually at loggerheads with others in their own respective parties. The story on which party is in worse shape changes with whoever is doing the talking.

Yesterday, the House Republicans elected Paul Ryan, (R, WI) as the new Speaker of The House. This is supposedly the third most powerful position in American government, but in the last few years has been a feckless position in spite of Republican majorities. New leadership was required, and it looks like the Republicans have elected a good one.

Paul Ryan was interviewed by John Roberts, Fox News Sunday this morning, and I liked what he had to say. His answers to Roberts questions were responsive, but not getting caught up into giving answers that would pin him down on issues that have yet to be discussed or negotiated. Paul Ryan emphasized vision, and that’s what the party needs. For some reason John Boehner just didn’t get it.

In my business career I learned that you simply can’t achieve goals without vision, dedication, and being open minded. There’s a time to compromise, and there’s a time to hold one’s position. There is also a time to manoeuvre your opponent into a position to help you work toward your goals.

I believe Paul Ryan understands, and this is the man needed to help drag our nation out of the doldrums caused by Obama’s policies. We need leaders, and Paul Ryan is a leader.

The GOP is not as bad off as some would have you think.



6 thoughts on “So, What’s So Great About Paul Ryan?”

  1. I saw a number of comments on Fox News Sunday Facebook page referring to the interview, calling Ryan a Rino, an elite, etc.
    Actually, given the range of Republican viewponts, I wonder what a Rino is, anymore.

  2. Since I highly respect your opinions and experience, I cringed when I saw your title, hoping against hope you were going to compliment Ryan but, having heard a lot of Anti-Ryan amongst Conservatives lately, not holding my breath.
    But Hurrah! I feel like you do about him. I always have. I was a little worried about his stance on immigration, agreeing with Gutierrez, etc., but I KNOW Ryan will put our country FIRST and that we can’t fall for every sound bite if he’s trying to work a deal FOR US. I like this guy..I’m so glad you do, too. Let’s hope he deserves our faith in him. I think he does, so far. SO glad Boehner’s gone.

  3. Well, imagine my surprise to come back here to find the comment Iposted from my phone this morning is not here.
    I think I said something to the effect that I’ve been surprised at the accusations hurled at Ryan by conservatives.
    In a party as diverse ideologically as the Republican Party seems to be right now, Ryan is at about an 8 out of a scale of 10.
    Whoever the tens are, are pretty lonely.

  4. Z: I got the title from just listening to the news. Nobody would give Ryan the credit he deserves.

    Ed: Sorry. I didn’t check comments all day, and didnt’ approve yours. Sorry…

  5. I’m going to take the other side of this one. I think Ryan will be as useless and as much of a lip service person as Boehner was. I could be wrong. We’ll see. But anyway, now that the budget is done for the next two years, what is left for the theoretical speaker to fight obama on ?

  6. Kid: I will not argue that point. It is all hypothetical, anyway. We will just have to wait to see what Ryan can do. Maybe he will be the hero that the character Ryan was in the “Hunt For Red October”. 🙂

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