Democrat Benghazi Strategy

Hillary has been in the hot seat for a couple of days, now, and nothing untoward has happened to her. At least, nothing that you would recognize from her demeanor. She sits in her seat and takes the accusations and recitations of her incompetence like a person who just doesn’t understand what’s happening to her.

Her Democrat colleagues on the panel have come to her assistance, over and over to some success. For example, Representative Trey Gowdy, Committee Chairman from South Carolina, was grilling her on the content of her emails from Blumenthal. Rep Ezra Cummins, D Maryland, interrupted to claim that all of Blumenthal’s testimony had to be released for “fairness” An argument ensued where Gowdy, Cummins, and some empty suit from California were trying to interrupt the line of questioning by claiming some sort of parliamentary maneuver.

Gowdy didn’t bite, but that incident is a good example of how the Democrats are trying to pull the subject away from Hillary’s incompetence, misbehavior, and illegal activities as Secretary of State.

It is obviously the strategy of the Democrats on the committee to confuse, misguide, and generally make noise whenever they can. They are good a making noise.

picture of socks the cat
Prominent Member of Clinton Clan – Socks Likes Email, Too

However, neither Hillary or the Democrats can take the American people’s’ attention away from a revealing email that Hillary sent to her FAMILY (Bill, Chelsea, Sox the cat) on the night of the Benghazi attack that the Libyan embassy was under attack by a unit similar to Al Qaeda. A similar communication was unearthed from Hillary to the President of Egypt at about the same time that the US knew that the so called video they later blamed for the burning and killing had nothing to do with the attack. These two communications would serve to cause an indictment of any other person, but the Obama Whitehouse is taking a hands off attitude.

Obama obviously wants a Democrat to succeed him in office.

Our nation has put up with these incompetent, malicious politicians for long enough. It is time for this crap to stop.

What can you do to change things and put that woman in jail where she belongs?

16 thoughts on “Democrat Benghazi Strategy”

  1. To answer your final question, first you have to go after a real crime, one where you have some actual evidence. Prosecutors in the real world decide not to go after criminals every day because they have nothing solid to put before a jury. The fact that three involved GOP have already said it’s political, not about the facts, has pretty much cut the nuts off these guys. This won’t be a viable issue in the general election. Cut your losses and try something else.

  2. Mikey:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I will address your specifics as follow:

    1.” first you have to go after a real crime”. You need to really think about this one. I understand that leaving four brave men out to die at the hands of a terrorist group in a totally predictable attack may or may not be a crime. However, I don’t think the American people are as forgiving of Hillary and Barack for this particular heinous sin. The easily provable crime is her abuse of classified Federal communications. That one is a lead-pipe cinch. The only problem is that we have a crooked Attorney General’s office that is ruled by an equally crooked Barack Obama. The law nor the safety of the nation are meaningful to them.

    You see, there is material evidence of crimes and those are the retrieved emails that Hillary tried so desperately to destroy specifically because she knew she would run for the office of President. She decided to eliminate a source of political risk by destroying Federal property. That’s a crime.

    From your comment am I given to understand that you endorse the maliciousness/incompetence of Hillary Clinton? Do you really endorse her refusal of hundreds of requests for additional security for the Ambassador? Are you really so thoughtless as to countenance Hillary’s outright lies to the families of the slain men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country? Where are your values? Do you really think Hillary has any moral standing in the real world, or the political world? If you are such a fan of Hillary’s incompetence and lawless activities, this does not speak well of you.

    2. ” three involved GOP have already said it’s political, not about the facts, has pretty much cut the nuts off these guys.”
    The thoughtful answer for this comment is, “So What?”. You are just quoting opinions from others, and in the big picture of things mean very little.

    “Cutting the nuts of these guys?” Of course this is your opinion, and is probably the same for the Kool-Aid gang that kisses up to Hill and Bill. It is hard to see the difference between your particular apocalyptic zombies marching off the Hillary cliff, or just a bunch of lemmings incapable of critical thought.

  3. If you think I’m a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, you are dead wrong. I’m very strong behind Bernie Sanders, and will probably vote third party if she’s nominated. However, at heart I’m a pragmatist, and I’m over 60 so I remember very well when a previous partisan group tried to impeach that other Clinton on the slimmest possible justification. Despite the pointlessness of that failed impeachment, the Congresses during the Obama administration are still the most dysfunctional I have ever seen, preferring a host of other specious time and money wasting activities aside from their main duty to address problems through proactive legislation. They are beneath contempt.

  4. My best idea is make a plausible story that she draws very insulting images of mohammed every other day and publishes them under an assumed name – hildebeast.

  5. Mikey: Once again I thank you for your comment. I hope you will forgive me for getting emotional in my reply, although I am serious in the implications of your values and position. With your support of Bernie Sanders this brings up some serious questions.

    I know you said you support Bernie Sanders. I don’t believe thinking persons can support Sanders. If anybody has any education that included history and economics, they could not support anything like a socialist. You see, the greatest murderers in history were socialists. They were Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, and Ho Chi Minh. I don’t believe you want to associate yourself with these twentieth-century socialists, but the comparison is fair. All Bernie Sanders is about is the same thing that many nineteenth and twentieth century socialists espoused. It is not far from confiscating other people’s money, to murdering the self-same people.

    Socialism is an intellectually vacant philosophy that has failed in the largest social laboratories in human history. Even China is in trouble, and their only redemption is market based reforms. Yes, reforms for the communist giant China. Right now, their command economy is in trouble, and desperately needs more market reforms.

    Just why are you enamoured of Bernie Sanders?

  6. Kid: Anything about Hillary is assumed, and likely to be over estimated. She has not guts, and no clue of what’s going on in the world, just like her boss, Barack Obama. What a loss both of them are.

  7. Bob, there are very specific definitional differences between democratic socialism, “national” socialism (nazis), fascists and communists, so no, I don’t consider the list of evil men you provided to be anything close to a fair comparison. Sanders is into the type of socialism currently practiced in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden), Iceland, the Netherlands and socialistic aspects of health care management (single payer, or Medicare for all) available in other places like the UK, Australia and Canada. Does that compare closely to China, Hitler etc.? Obviously not.

    I also think he’s more honest than Mrs. Clinton, and has a better approach toward addressing income and gender pay inequalities. He characterizes these problems as being the downside of Corporatism (one kind of Capitalism, not all kinds). Those are the main reasons I support his views.

    I do appreciate the civility of your approach, even in disagreement.

  8. Mike, you might look into some of hese countries. They’re inviting moslem invaders like popcorn who are raping their womrn and abusing everyone else. God know why they’re inviting them. This is also jihad by occupation. Maky of hese people are ISIS, most are military aged men. I wouldn’t live in one of the shitholes if they paid me.

    Secondly, I read recently where the UK’s NHS – national Health Syetm has a GOAL of getting patients to a hospital within 18 weeks. This is a goal. The actual current waiting lists are much longer.

    Socialism Sucks.

  9. I might benefit from that sort of study if I had not actually VISITED most of the countries I named. I wasn’t just a tourist. I’m a senior Radiologic Technologist, and I go for seminars and conferences.

    Most of the denigrations in American press about health care in these places are, let’s be kind and call it hyperbole. I fell on concrete steps in London and banged up my knees quite badly. I was seen and treated within two hours, at the nearest Urgent Care. I was taken there by ambulance. They didn’t charge me a penny, and explained that a basic level of care (including emergencies) is considered a right for not only citizens, but visitors as well.

    Yes, they pay a LOT more in taxes, but they are getting true value for it.

  10. The 18 weeks is non-emergency.

    Here’s a sample news item excerpt and its link

    A lack of beds meant 29,000 people waited on a trolley for more than four hours between the decision to admit them to A&E and their arrival on a ward.
    Across England, the waiting list for routine operations reached 1.9 million people – a 169,100 increase on the same period in 2014/15.
    Some 10,800 patients also waited longer than the recommended six weeks for diagnostics tests.
    However, trusts did meet a target of treating non-emergency patients within 18 weeks.

    Read more:

    Here’s your Sweden reference.

    I spent a year in England myself. Depending on wher you are or as you say you fly in for a conference and back out., You’re not living there. In the above you can see for yourself what people experience who l,ive with it day after day.

    Nothing is all encompasing. The above reports speak for themselves. Lastly, you’re not going to get this kind of information from the US media. In fact is that moslem invaders are turning Germany into a shit hole. This comes via a mature, sane sensible person who is living there. His friend is a cop and tells he is not allowed to arrest a moslem except for the most heinous crime. These people are savages. They regard you a dog and non-moslem women as whoes for the taking.

    German media are not allowed to report what is going on. All very hush hush.

    If you think things are great, you’re in for a great shock someday.

    Editor Note: This comment was in moderation. My apologies.

  11. Mike, looks like my reply went into moderation. Has a couple links and that’s probably why.

    I won’t have anything else to say, just gave you my sources of information.

  12. Mikey: Sorry about my delays in posting, but I have been a bit busy, lately. As to the differences in the different types of socialism, they are mostly in who owns the means of production. In Fascism and Nazism the government does not own the means of production, but under communism the government does. Under communism the individual owns nothing and is completely at the mercy of the government.

    All these socialists governments are cousins. Benito Mussolini, the originator of Fascism, was a devout socialist as was his father. All his ideas came from his socialist background. Fascists and Nazi’s abhorred communism because and thought it corrupt as it turned out to be under the Soviets and Maoists. Between the Soviet communists and the Mao Chinese communists, somewhere around 80 million people were either directly murdered, or were starved because of their economic and social leadership. Those are historical facts.

    Thanks for coming to my blog and sharing your opinions.

  13. Mikey; real tired here of people having misconstrued Kevin Mc Carthy’s words….do you really think any Republican would blame the Benghazi hearings on trying to get Hillary’s polls down IN PUBLIC?? Out loud? Think about it. He was not clear but it was so obvious that he meant they had their work to do (emails STILL are coming in after having had to coax them from her) AND that the public was finally waking up to HIllary’s dishonesty.
    Please check into the actual text …

    Denmark and Sweden are running from the Socialism Bernie Sanders touts; doesn’t that say something?

    Just curious; where do you think the money comes from to pay for Democrats promising the world to entitlement seeking voters?

    And, by the way, the health care is not that good in England, France or Germany (where I’ve lived)…it’s largely paid for, by their huge taxes (and no, German health care is NOT FREE! Believe me!!) but not great healthcare……..The cost of healthcare here is WAY out of control and that’s what needs fixing, not taking my doctors away and all the other ways Obama care isn’t working…and it is NOT. Even Medicare monthlies are going up in January. It sounded good; it’s messed a lot of people up. Very sad. The Republicans tried to make changes that would help the poor but not screw it up for everyone else, but the political agenda of it was way too tough for Democrats to actually stop and consider; they had to move toward SINGLE PAYER and now we’re dead in the water.

  14. Mikey, by the way…I sound a little less civil than Bob does….I don’t mean to. I thank you for your civility; I actually had to stop liberals from commenting at my blog because of the terrible nastiness and unkindnesses, so you’re a breath of fresh air even if I largely disagree with you.

  15. Thanks for your comments, Z. I have been civil to Mikey because I believe he has a chance to learn something. I could be wrong. One thing people don’t get about socialist European countries is just how much tax they really pay. For example, everything is free for people in Denmark (free?), but the personal tax rate is above 50%, and that’s just the BEGINNING of the tax story. If you want to buy a new car in that country, there is a 150% tax you have to pay. For a $25,000 Honda Accord, the typical Dane pays a $37,500 TAX. The drive-out price of a $25,000 car to Danish citizens is $62,500.00.

    I may be wrong about the price of a Honda in Denmark, but not the taxes. Other European countries have similar problems, and a lot of the tax burden is hidden by value added tax systems.

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