Trump’s Mouth A Weapon Of Self-Destruction

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Don’t you just love it? The Republican Presidential Primary debates have been entertaining and educational. We are learning more and more about these candidates and I think that is a good thing.

The RNC has scheduled twelve debates for the primary election season. Fox News and CNN will hold three debates each, with the rest distributed among ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, and Fox Business News. There will be one debate per month through February, 2016, and two will be held in March, 2016. There are lots of chances for all candidates to say great things, and lots of chances to achieve a foot-in-mouth posture.

And then, there’s Donald J Trump. The guy seems to be able to say anything he wants and not be held responsible. Trump seemed immune to blowback from his trash-talk until the moment Carly Fiorina gave him a one sentence slap-down. It was a BIG DEAL! Trump tried to recover with an inane comment that Carly was a beautiful woman, a stupid thing to say. He seems incapable of saying that he made a mistake, and this particular quip at Carly may cost him key support.

There is a Biblical injunction about those that live by the sword, die by the sword. Donald Trump is using his speech like a sword. He will inevitably suffer in some way when his own words come around to bite his generous rear end. You know, the one he is always showing the other candidates?

The blowback is already starting. A supporter of Trump’s asked him a question at one of his town hall meetings about when we can get rid of Muslims in this country, and that Obama is a Muslim, not an American. Trump went along with the premise, and that was a huge mistake. Where was Trump’s head?

This was one of those political land-mine questions. It should be easy to anticipate that kind of question and Trump should have had a ready reply. At some point a candidate for a political office needs to demonstrate some sort of political ability to dodge, or minimize the effect of those kinds of live audience hand grenades. Trump has yet to learn that lesson.

Trump is not a stupid man. As a matter of fact, he is very intelligent and quick on his feet. The fact that he went along with the questioner tells me that that is exactly what Trump believes.

Then Trump commits the universal sin of calling a lady ugly. That’s unforgivable. Carly Fiorina is 61 years old, and looks great. Remember, I used the word, lady. Trump would be well advised to use that word when talking about Carly from now on.

So, will The Donald start falling in the polls because of his explosively bad trash-talk? Will he be the instrument of his own demise? Only time will tell. Maybe he has learned something in the process.

I wouldn’t bet on either proposition.

11 thoughts on “Trump’s Mouth A Weapon Of Self-Destruction”

  1. Good question, Ed. If were still working I would start that pool. I say that he crashes by Thanksgiving. How about you?

  2. Ed: I agree with you pretty much in total. Trump is scary enough, but his followers seem to be accepting of his whole distorted world. Have the Mexicans pay for the fence? Good theater, but not so good in reality. Negotiate better deals with the Chinese? We still need them to buy our bonds.

    It’s great to hear the braggadocio, but that’s not reality. I’ll take a Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, or Carson any day. Then again, Trump might surprise all of us.

  3. Trump’s problem now is if he starts saying nice things, no one will take him as honest. IF it’s hilrod then I sure hope it’s Carly on the other. I’d take her regardless, she is no dummy and articulates her position in few words that are understandable and clear in their intention.

  4. Kid: Roger, roger. I agree 100%. Trump may have gotten himself into a lose/lose situation with Fiorina. On the other hand I think he can talk his way out of the “Obama is a Muslim” thing.

  5. Bob, I actually agree with Trump on the muslm thing. It’s not his job to defend obama. In fact, how often do speakers even respond to hecklers. The guy could be put in that category. Beside, obama IS a muslim. Though if he was born to an American women, then he is a citizen – why the fake BC though?

  6. So, if he crashes, can he run as an Independent? I think there’s a cut-off for candidates to join the race, right?

    I have thought he was very smart, he sure says he is, he went to the Wharton Bus. School, etc…but his language is not only coarse and insulting but it’s STUPID: He constantly says people are ‘terrible’ or ‘horrible’ instead of educational like “she’s indecisive” or “he didn’t balance his state budget’….no, they’re just hORRIBLE and AWFUL and BAD PEOPLE…..everything is ‘thousands and THOUSANDS’ because he hasn’t the numbers…
    Everybody who’s not on his back is “nice”….people who aren’t are “mean”. Who’s used the word MEAN since schoolground days “He was MEAN to me, teacher!”.

    There’s something not very articulate and not polished about him…….Gosh, I wish he’d go away.

    And I wish the other candidates would keep their dignity and grace and be as honest as he is, at least…..tell it like it IS, but HAVE FACTS and TELL HOW YOU’D FIX IT in ways that are realistic, not “I’ll send them all home”

  7. Well, I can go along with the “send them all home” thing. I have said for some time that the way to get rid of illegal aliens is to ask them to go home. They are not stupid, and will know when they are not welcome. They will know when they are not welcome when they lose their jobs because they are illegal aliens. Mostly likely, more than half will go. We can then handle the rest of them as situations arise.

    Plus, with all those anchor babies we must insist that the illegal parents go home. If the legalized children are old enough, they can stay and get jobs. If the anchor baby is too young to take care of themselves, the parents will have to arrange for their care, or take the kids with them back to whence they came. It’s not complicated or difficult.

    Then there;s the Donald. I don’t believe he, at any time, has said how he would accomplish the deportation of so many aliens. Maybe all he has to do is expel all the illegal alien men, allowing the women/mothers to stay to care for their anchor babies. That might work, although it seems cruel.

    But Z, you are right. Trump spits in our collective faces by not giving details. That’s the way Obama won.

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