Our Populous America, Today

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Populism is a political ideology. It can be used for left wing politicians to rally popular opinion against rich people, the banks, and anybody making more than minimum wage.

Populism is also used by political right wing politicians to rally popular opinion against the socialists, communists, and corrupt Democrat politicians.

One of the early populists in American Presidential Politics was Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of The United States. Jackson was also the first Democrat in the office. He campaigned against the national bank, and anything to do with the American Indian. He hated Indians and the British.

His popularity was based on his military performance during the War of 1812 where he slaughtered a tribe of Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, and at the Battle of New Orleans where Jackson ended the British threat to the USA.

After being elected, he forced the national bank to close because Jackson had a personal beef with the director of the bank. Then, Jackson created the Trail of Tears, forcing Indians in Tennessee, Georgia, and other areas into the bleak wilds of Oklahoma. Jackson was anything but brilliant, and his administration was an economic disaster complete with economic depression, and the states printing their own currency.

Populism is what you want it to be. To be a populist, all you have to do is come up with a laundry list of things that people are against, and another list of things that people are for. These things do not have to be real, or even make sense. You can be against a “gap in income” just to advocate a failed nineteenth century ideology called, socialism. New word, same old BS.

So, in this election we have HIllary Clinton and Bernie Sanders trying fake definitions to push abortions, communism, and outright theft of peoples money. On the political right, we have lots of standard candidates, but the most popular is Donald Trump that is harnessing populism. Donald is tapping into the sore points of illegal immigration, outrageous taxes, socialized health care, the stupid Obama Iran deal, and anything else Obama tried to do. You can take it for granted that anything Obama advocated is stupid.

Plus, Trump is taking a page from Barack Obama and is using playground, in-your-face, bad-boy tactics on the campaign trail. He constantly disses Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and anybody else mentioned as being competition. He needs no reason, he just does it. And, he gets away with it, too. The crowds love him.

The nation is so hungry for real leadership that we are in danger of putting the wrong person into office. If Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, I will vote for him. If he is not I pray that he will not run as an independent. I really hope he is better than I think.

10 thoughts on “Our Populous America, Today”

  1. I’m not sure I understand your point. Seems to me you’re saying politicians have always been nothing but populists – Trump is just better at it. If that’s the case, I certainly would agree. One that no-one would deny, the status quo has needed a melt down for a long time. I think they’re worried that Trump may just give it to them. I think he’s crass and the most blunt instrument ever come along in my lifetime to run for President. If that’s what it takes to shake finally shake up Washington then so be it. America needs a political shake up more than she needs anything.

  2. Loaper: Thanks for the comment. Yes, I can be vague at times, especially when venting. In this case I am trying to say that populism is nothing new in our political system, and the grand-daddy of them all was Andrew Jackson. If you look at the sound-bite campaigning today, I think it is nothing but populism.

    I gotta run, and cannot finish this comment.

    Once again, thanks.

  3. Absolutely agree 100% your post.
    I’ve been calling the election process the Seduction of the Idiots.

    No Candidate can express what they truly believe or intend on doing. 1) They are constrained to the demographic analysis (marketing) and 2) They are not yet president and do not have the classified knowledge the president will have that could affect the direction of attaining their goals or that their goals are even valid in the short term.

    In summary, we take our best shot and hope the sucker does something good for American’s, which in my opinion it taking major steps/actions to turn this 22 trillion on freighter 180 degrees away from the path of socialism.

  4. Ed, Kid: You guys get it. I was having some problems articulating the Trump popularity thing until I thought about popular, i.e., populist. Almost ALL of them are populist. Rand Paul expresses his positions, and his positions hurt him. Huckabee has his populist message, too. So do Hillary and Sanders.

    Our whole damned political class are a bunch of suck-ups that change color after they get elected. We got lucky with Reagan. Maybe once a century is all we can hope for.

  5. Bob, I consider Reagan the only American president we’d had in over a 100 year span. Yes this is the reality that faces us in the current cycle. I imagine you are of a similar age group, and I have bene known to say that we had several great decades more or less. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s It was gone in 2001. But hey that’s more great decades than most American ever had all things considered. 50 years… not that I’m a quitter. I want more great dcades, but if the majority doesn’t see it that way, waht can we do. Well, we can make life good for us and our family and friends and deal with what gets in our face and forget the rest. Today’s generations are making their bed, We can’t make it for them much as we’d like to.

    Well……. I’ll trump over the beast if that’s how it goes.

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