Trump Has Trumpeted

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump
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Potential Trump Voter

I managed to catch the last few minutes of Donald Trump’s address at Mobile, Alabama. I don’t know how many people were there, but they did number into the thousands.

Maybe it was good that I only caught the last of his speech. I don’t think I missed anything at all. Let me see if I can remember what Trump said.

  • Obama Care – Repeal it. He will get rid of the restricted state by state rules. The Insurance companies make too much money through Obama Care. Trump will make health care so much better.
  • Illegal Immigration – Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall. No more anchor baby stuff. Things will be so much better.
  • ISIS  – Trump will get rid of ISIS. Things will be so much better.
  • Foreign Relations – Trump will make people love us. You will be so proud of your President. You will love him. Things will be so much better.

There is no question that I missed a few of Trump’s points. I’ll bet they all ended with the predictable, “Things will be so much better.” One thing is also sure, that Donald Trump used the singular personal pronoun “I” more times than any Presidential candidate in history, with the possible exception of Barack Obama.

I can’t wait until the pundits jump in with their word counters, and accurate observations that Trump really didn’t have anthing to say.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Trump Has Trumpeted”

  1. I think Donald Trump RARELY has anything to say. Nothing of real substance, anyway. But at least he referred to himself as “I” rather than continually saying “Donald Trump” this and “Donald Trump” that. What’s a shame is so many people are listening to that hair-challenged buffoon bray, they aren’t paying much attention to the other candidates, who might actually have the potential to win the election.

  2. I scanned an article that brought forth the meme that Trump’s campaign mostly resembles Barack Obama’s 2007 campaign. Do you remember the “change” stuff without substance? Same thing, here. As a matter of fact they both use in-your-face playground toughboy language, which is meaningless in and of itself.

    Trump is not stupid, and I would not be surprised if his current substance-absent speeches were patterned from Obama’s.

  3. What Trump might need to learn is that people are thrilled to hear someone speak so unpolitically correct so they’re coming, they’re polling high for him, they’re excited to hear anybody against all the things they are against….(I wouldn’t be surprised it many Democrats don’t feel the same way about some of what he says)…

    What worries me is if he does not win in the primaries; he’s holding us hostage; will he then go Indie and lose us the election completely?

  4. Z: I agree with you 100%. I am leary of Trump and whatever he stands for. We know he is a grandstander, and if that’s all he is he is a big problem. However, you don’t become a big winner in the New York real estate game without being smart, and able to think on a strategic level. Whatever we call him, we cannot dismiss his success and ability to attract a crowd. I was leary of Ronald Reagan, too, but he turned out OK.

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