The End Is Nigh, Losers!

Yesterday, I got this terrible feeling that the end was near. It was like I wanted to get one of those sandwich-board signs and advertise this emotion in downtown Atlanta. Nobody would pay attention, but at the least I would be warning the world of the coming catastrophe.

Leaving the imagined catastrophes to the alarmist climate dupes, I thought about writing a short science fiction story of how things were going wrong, and how we are all hearing voices of doom. Then, reality hit me.

What is coming to an end is the American dream.

I am living the dream, as millions and millions of others. When I was a kid, my American dream was learning enough stuff in school to get a good job. Then, I could leverage the good job to get a good house and a good car. Somehow, the great looking wife and kids would just naturally fall into place.

Be that as it may, it has all worked out. At the basis of my American dream was the idea that I could work hard and achieve my dreams. That’s how I did it. Millions of men and women have made that dream work. So, how is this coming to an end?

My dream is not the dream of millions of others. Their idea of the dream embodies not work, but free government services like health care, generous and unlimited unemployment compensation, free food, etc., etc., etc. Some people want everything without working for it.

In some cases I agree that we need to take care of some people from cradle to grave. My Down syndrome niece is one example. Private charities can only go so far in helping families cope with Down syndrome or other disabled children.

Those with poorly paying jobs at the bottom of the pay scale have a different American dream. They just want stuff. Many are not capable of rising through the ranks to hold good paying jobs. I don’t know what can be done for these people other than keeping the economy vibrant and healthy so that these people can have jobs. Just giving people stuff should not be the goal for any society.

With the advance of technology, things don’t look so good for the welfare child. How can this child, born into a single parent household and supported by welfare even try to compete in the economy?  It is not a problem of race or politics. It is cultural problem. It is a problem of differing values and goals as more people chose welfare as their way of life.

Those with solid values and lofty goals tend to work toward those goals. Those without values and goals tend to not work for anything except survival. Since they can get a welfare check, they depend on everybody else for their survival.

Is the American dream ending, or just changing? I was fortunate to have been born into a stable family, and have a father with a serious work ethic. Our welfare children are cheated out of these basic sociological aids.

The welfare culture is a culture of losers. The larger the welfare rolls get, the harder the American dream becomes for those at the bottom.

We are turning into a nation of losers.

17 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh, Losers!”

  1. We also had a culture that valued “fixing”.
    This led to many of the profitable careers you allude to.
    That’s how you learned how stuff worked and showed you how to improve on it.
    In our throwaway culture (toys, cars, kids, marriages) no one learns to fix stuff, because there is no value or reward in it.

  2. Interesting view that I have never considered, Ed. I learned electronics partly because of my radio hobby, building simple circuits and being able to repair my own equipment which was used and old.

  3. Boy, Ed, that really IS a fascinating hypothesis and I think it’s right. FASCINATING. And we lose pride in workmanship, a hard day’s work, etc….and those who don’t attend college are made to feel stupid…which is utterly ridiculous.

    Bob, this is a very sad but very true piece of writing, I think. Something’s definitely died and died for good. Do we have a chance of getting the America we knew back? probably not, with the huge deficit, etc…..we’re so stoned broke that we can barely fight a war to protect our country here or abroad let alone encourage a work ethic.

  4. Z: I believe you know just how depressing things are right now. It is not only the Great Recession, but it is what we have allowed our nation to become. We have allowed charlatans like Barack Obama steal the American dream for the next several generations, or maybe for all time. We can weather recessions and wars, what is more difficult to get over is bad leadership. We have no respectable leaders in this nation.

    You and I have seen blogger after blogger give up, and we all understand why. It seems that no matter what we write or how many people agree with us, nothing changes. We have to keep the faith, and keep on writing.

    Keep doing what you do, Lady.

  5. The American Dream is ending or ended because kids aren’t even taught what America is, where it came from, and how it got to be the greatest nation on Earth. They are taught that America is the problem. Generally speaking.

  6. Bob, I feel like I was led here to see your comment to me and it was SO good to read. I couldn’t agree more with your top paragraph to me. And what’s worse is I see true patriots giving up….feeling SO helpless.
    I remember after the California quake, there was discussion about how men in particular felt gutted; that there was nothing they could do to help themselves or their families in those moments. And I think this government now is making MEN feel the same way. They see laws broken, they see the Constitution ignored, they see lies and a terrible loss of dignity in a president through his thin skinnedness and lies…….we all see our country diminished internationally..etc etc.
    They’re even taking ammunition away now.
    Honestly, I start to wonder if a lot of high profile shootings in this country aren’t propagated BY this gov’t so they can make hay on them, you know? I heard Andrew McCarthy say that this admin uses things like Michael Brown’s killing as a VEHICLE by which to destroy a whole police department, and then extrapolate across the country with this gov’t’s evil…. I’ve often thought it could be the case but to hear McCarthy (who I admire) say it shook me up. it’s very scary but, you’re right..we can’t give up.

    I won’t quit “doing what I do” if you don’t! You’re a treasure. xx thanks

  7. Kid: You are right. The American Dream is being taken away from our children, and much of that is the fault of our education system. I know the schools in our locale are doing a good job, but the schools in Atlanta and other counties are doing a miserable job. Diversity and fairness doctrines are blueprints to an entire generation of losers, especially if it is being taught that it is Government that makes everything right. Soviet Union stuff?

  8. Z: It is hard to sit here and come up with a decent subject for an article. The news everyday is full of stories about over-reaching politicians and government corruption. Run-away government threatens our freedoms more than ever before. I believe that Barack Obama is a greater threat to our freedoms than Islamic terrorism, at least in the short run.

    We know how to defeat and control terrorists, but we have no recipe for a chief executive that is out of control, making stuff up as he stumbles his way through another lack-luster administration.

    We have all written about this stuff many times, and things never change. That’s what is so frustrating. However, if we don’t keep pointing out the hypocrisies of the Obama administration, who can we trust to do it?

    In the overall scheme of things the articles we write are to little or no avail. However, every now and then we get through to someone and that makes it worth it. Sure, we have our own echo chamber, and we need that to keep us going.

    It is how we phrase our statements that might make a difference. We have to keep it on the high-side. Let the liberals throw names and accusations, we are better than that.

  9. Bob, A href=”” >if you hadn’t seen it

    And the whole interview is there and a worthwhile hour or so to spend.

  10. WHEN are you writing again? You’re missed!
    Read Scripture and talk to us about your thoughts on what you’re reading……….could be fun!
    (and your sister will be SO HAPPY!! :-))

  11. Thanks, Z. I have been lacking in my writing, lately, because it is hard to think of anything to say that is not already being said. I always go to your blog to see what the intelligentsia are saying, and I usually have very little to add. As to my sister and the scriptures, all I can say is, “You, too, Mom?”

    It’s not a bad idea. I will think on it.

    In the mean time I am the President of a local, 330 member club, and events lately are pressing with those responsibilities. We have lots of activities, and lots of areas of interest. It is my job to manage the processes to keep things interesting, keep people motivated, and to recruit newer, younger talent to carry the organization into the future. Plus, I am keeping a hobby related blog going, and I have to write articles for the club newsletter.

    Oh, the vicissitudes of life.

    Once again, Z, thanks for your good words. I appreciate them.

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