The World Is A Poached Egg

Ludicrous, huh? It certainly is. The world is not a poached egg, it is a scrambled egg, all messed up and in need of some good breakfast meat to make it palatable. Hash brown potatoes would be good, too.

No, this article is really about poached eggs, which in the cooked egg family I rank highly.

Poached eggs are great unless you try to poach an egg. In my house I am the great breakfast cooker, which means that two or three times per week, I will masterfully cook eggs, bacon, and toast or English muffins. I will scramble the eggs, or fry them in bacon drippin’s. Yummm!

When it comes to poaching eggs, I have tried the boiling water, raw egg approach. This works OK, but you lose about half the egg white. Recently, I bought some egg rings through Amazon for less that ten dollars, and it turns out they are a pain to use, and almost impossible to clean.

Finally, I ordered one of those multiple cup fixtures that you use in a pan over boiling water, and it does a good job of poaching three eggs at once. I thought, “The best egg poacher, ever!”, until I tried to clean it.

Egg white makes a very good glue, especially when heated to poaching temperatures. No matter how well I lubricate the cups with olive oil, coconut oil, or vegetable oil the cups stubbornly cling to the egg white, and it is very difficult to clean that stuff from the poaching cups.

How many people like poached eggs enough to have them regularly? How does McDonalds make their perfectly round eggs for the Egg McMuffin? What is the best way to poach eggs?

Inquiring minds and hungry souls want to know.


8 thoughts on “The World Is A Poached Egg”

  1. Irradiate, how? I would gladly toss the egg into the air and zap it with something while it is floating in the precarious zero gravity state. Somehow, I think there’s some truth in what you advise. Maybe the best way to poach an egg is in the international space station, and crack the egg in the open while zapping it with an xray gun. Hmmmm…

  2. Some say to put a little vinegar in the water and keep swirling.
    I bought one of those little egg cookers and they ARE hard to clean, you’re right!
    Oh, my…fried eggs in the bacon fat…is there ANYTHING better? (NO!)

  3. They are circling around me trying to make me eat “healthy”. Apparently, a healthy breakfast doesn’t include food. Shucks on them all!

  4. Ed: I tried that this morning with pretty much the same results as before. I lose about half the egg white. Oh, well. Maybe I can find some fool proof method. Maybe going out for breakfast would help!!

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