Blah Football


Here it is the third of January, and there is nothing left to do or see for the year. The earth is off its axis, and has spun out of control. The evil spirits are dominating the spirit world, and we are huddling in the dark and cold like our cave man ancestors of old.

Alabama lost. Inconceivable, but true, and probably deserved. All my life, Alabama has been the strongest and most prestigious football team in the South, and now our heroes have feet of clay. Oh, woe is me. Ohio State certainly deserved the win. They were and area awesome.

Just who are those Ducks, anyway? Who gave them permission to whip up on our little brother team, Florida State, like that? Once again, awesome.

Now, it’s the Ducks and the Bucks.

The Oregon Ducks against the Ohio State Buckeyes. What is a Buckeye, anyway? Who cares besides some inconsequential Ohio person? Well, I guess we all do. I am spouting some pretty sour grapes, now. The luster has gone out of SEC football. Maybe some air has gone out of the programs, too.

The media sports gurus are really touting the new playoff system, and the great success it has been. Actually, it has been little different from the regular football bowl system. The only difference has been… Well, I’m not sure. Just what is the difference?

The money stays the same, or gets better for the Big Ten, SEC, and PAC Ten schools. All the other schools are outside, again. In particular, a great time like TCU which demolished a good Ole Miss team in a bowl was locked out, and could have beaten any other team in the country that day.

What this new system looks like is a beginning of the end of traditional college football. There’s talk about paying student athletes, and the players should have something for of their efforts. The whole system is a financial hoax, and college football has devolved into a big farm system for the NFL, paid for by tax payers, students, and college fans.

I think it is time to recognize reality. Before we get into salary bidding wars between colleges, somehow we have to get the NFL to pay their part. Not even I can figure out a way to do this, but it is so obvious that money is the only motivation for a kid to play at any given school.

Maybe the system is beyond fixing.

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