A New Year

After a loser of a year that was 2014 we are ready for a better time. I think most people will look upon the New Year holiday with a little relief that we have survived another year with Barack Obama as President.

Pretty much everything Barack Obama has done has been the equivalent of a body-blow to America. From the phony trillion dollar stimulus program, to Obama Care, to Cash For Clunkers, to the Keystone XL pipeline, to immigration, to Iran, to normalizing relations with Cuba, not one of these positions or actions were calculated to improve life in America, or keep Americans safer. That’s just the kind of President we have.

With the new year, the economy has been getting better in spite of the President. Fracking on private lands has reconfigured the face and direction of the oil markets. Oil is now so cheap, that we fear there will be a recession among oil companies. No kidding!

So, now we could relax if we had jobs, knowing there would be enough gas to get to work while we worry about Iran lobbing a nuclear bomb at Israel, or another unlucky but intelligent anti-Islamic country. Or, we will spend our time trying to figure out how much money to give Raoul Castro to keep the Cuban beaches clean for the gringo tourists who will appear by the tens of thousands with hundreds of millions of yankee dollars. Look for rich Cuban government bureaucrats.

We can certainly look forward to Vladimir Putin thumbing his nose at Barry Baby, who always looks like a panty waist next to the bare chested Russian bear. Ukraine will go the way of pre-world war two countries that were absorbed by the Soviet Union, another name for Russia. Who else will Putin absorb?

Illegal aliens will never again be illegal. Why? Because the Democrats are buying votes to guarantee a welfare socialistic state. We are the proverbial frog in the boiling pot of water. We never noticed that our environment was becoming hostile until it was too late.

There are so many things for which to look for in 2015 that I can guarantee there will be no boredom. There will be higher taxes, worse health care, and lower incomes.

Have fun in 2015.

5 thoughts on “A New Year”

  1. When I wrote this article I was in a pissy mood. No alcohol, just news item after new item that made for the mood. Have a great year, Ed, and don’t let the little people get you down.

  2. And inflation, don’t forget inflation, officially measured excluding all things that inflate – food, energy, and housing.

    Ed, Bob, news. It doesn’t change except to get worse. It literally is same * different day.

  3. Good catch, Kid. ” officially measured excluding all things that inflate – food, energy, and housing.” How true.

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