Battle Of Kursk
Battle Of Kursk

Oh my goodness! Here I sit enjoying a full belly on a Thanksgiving evening, and what do you think I am watching?

There’s a relatively new cable entertainment channel called, The American Heroes Channel. Today, it is all about tank battles in World War II. The current show I am watching is about the Battle of Kursk. There have always been films, newsreels, and other presentations of World War II battles, but the one on the American Heroes Channel are from a newer genre.

The American Heroes Channel presentations are a mixture of actual films and newsreels, personal interviews with both German and Russian tank commanders, and modern day animation of weapons, tanks, artillery, and battle action similar to popular video games. The AHC makes very good presentations.

Picture of Russian T-34 tank
Soviet T-34 Battle Tank As Used In WWII

The Battle of Kursk lasted for days and days. Almost three million men were committed to this battle, with almost two million sent by the Soviets. There were hundreds of thousands of casualties. Thousands of tanks were destroyed. Thousands of guns were destroyed. It was an epic tank battle, few of its like have ever been seen.

picture of a Tiger Tank
German WWII Tiger Tank

The ferocity of the fighting was one of the hallmarks of the battle, with the Soviets under orders to never retreat. Even when losing, the Soviets never retreated. Horrible casualties were inflicted on the Russians, but they outnumbered the Germans almost two to one. It was this advantage that won the battle for the Soviet Union. The Russians were able to throw more people and tanks into the battle.

The T-34 Russian main battle tank was the primary Russian tank, with the Germans bringing in Tiger tanks and other panzers, many of which were superior in weaponry and armor to the Soviet tanks.

Even though it is entertaining to see these programs about wars past, understanding the hundreds of thousands of casualties makes it a gruesome thing.

Thank God those days are over, and let us pray we will never see world wars, ever again.

Note: All pictures from Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “Tanks-Giving”

  1. American Heroes Channel used to be called the Military Channel and has been on a long time.. Not to take away from your points. Yes, these times were absolutely brutal for everyone involved. A similar event occurred when the moron adolph hitler sent an army to Stalingrad then would not let them retreat during Soviet Winter. The Germans were not equipped at all for the cold and the Soviets ate them alive. Disgusting. As was all of WWI and certainly most of WWII.
    All this reminds me of a reply I made to a gizmodo comment by a young person who said that the Nuclear Bomb was the most inhumane invention ever. I pointed out that since the Nuke was invented we have not had a word war. We have not had a war where millions of men faced each other with guns, knives, bayonets, and suffered the brutality of executing a global war with such uncivilized physical damage. Furthermore, there were No Japanese civilians. Virtually every Japanese person was committed to the destruction of America and were actively working to make that happen. Without the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, the Japanese would have literally ceased to exist as an entity. Today, only the Nuclear bomb restrains dictators from reigning massive destruction upon whoever those maniacs see as their enemy. I Love Nukes, especially Nuclear powered submarines Bristling with nuclear missiles. 😉

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