Welcome To Obama-Stan

picture of Barack Obama signing legislation
Maximum President With His Far Left Pen

I have been really lazy about blogging, lately. There’s a reason, and that is because just watching the television news gives me stomach acid, and blogging about those inanities gives me more acid. There’s just no way to express an opinion on current affairs without getting sick, or getting rid of your last meal.

Tomorrow night, our Maximum President will address the nation pimping his latest attempt at a legacy. This attempt will be in the form of an executive order protecting millions of illegal aliens from being deported, and will legalize their being in the United States. It is the closest thing to a general amnesty you could imagine.

Notice that all this is being done with an executive order, not legislated by the bicameral Congressional method mandated by the Constitution . So, we are now being faced with a problem. How do we treat a President that has gone out of his way to flaunt power that is not his, and has broken the law repeatedly?

Certainly, President Obama deserves to be impeached, or even arrested for defying the Constitution, and therefore, abandoning his Constitutional duty. Should Obama be jailed? That’s what we do to criminals, especially those whose actions adversely affect millions of people’s freedoms and pocketbooks.

We now live in a country that has gone from a democratic republic to a dictatorship in six short years. What are we to do? We can’t put the beast in jail, and we cannot impeach him. By the time an impeachment process makes its way through the House and Senate, Obama will be out of office.

Plus, no person in their right would want a drunkard like Joe Biden in the White House. That’s the main reason we will not impeach the Obama Beast.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Obama-Stan”

  1. Nixon stepped down and didn’t do anything as egregious as this president has………Nixon also put America first; go figure. He did wrong, but he admitted it and left.

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