Does Global Warming Cause Ebola?


Global warming does not cause the spread of ebola. However, it is only a matter of time until some shallow-minded person makes that allegation. Like most global warming stuff, it is an attempt to confuse the public.

picture of person sneezing
A Little Sneeze Goes A Long Way

Now that I have put the ebola/global warming thing to rest, I must report reading a blog by a noted climatologist, Dr Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Dr Spencer is most famous for being one of the scientists to figure out how to measure the earth’s temperature from satellites. His methodology gives more consistent readings than the old surface thermometer readings. The surface thermometer readings are subjected to several adjustments, some of which are controversial, and these adjustments result in large errors. Satellite readings have none of these problems.

Dr Spencer’s article is titled, “How Safe Is The Air You Breathe On A Plane?” The results are disturbing. Dr Spencer made some “unscientific” measurements to find out how much carbon dioxide is in an airplane’s cabin air that people breathe. People exhale carbon dioxide and other things. It cannot be helped. Passengers will unavoidably breathe in this mixture of CO2 and moisture exhaled by others.

Dr Spenser used a handheld air-quality meter that measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the air on the plane. It registered 1,600 ppm (parts per million), whereas the ambient concentration of CO2 in the outside air is closer to 400 ppm. This means that the air on a plane is in large part “used” air. You are breathing air other people have breathed, and exhaled, resulting in an elevated CO2 mix.

The problem is that you may be breathing the other stuff, too. There is undoubtedly some spit-swapping happening on an airplane. EEWWW!

Is it time to wear those face masks we saw the Chinese wearing to ward off SARS?

Understand that nothing I have said is supported in studies about health on airplanes.

Just saying…

8 thoughts on “Does Global Warming Cause Ebola?”

  1. having lived in Europe about five years and traveling all over, and never having got so much as a common cold in all the years we flew A LOT (not only when we lived there), I don’t worry too much, but I have always thought it’s gross to know we’re breathing others’ Co2……………we DO when we are on a plane.
    I’m not worried about ebola until it becomes airborne (That’ll be bad on a plane!!!!!), then I’m hunkering down in my home for about 2 months 🙂
    What about YOU, Bob!?

  2. My frequent flyer days are over. I used to take several flights per week in my jobs, and accumulated enough miles each year to take my family on vacations. We usually went to California to visit my brother, Disneyland, and Marine World in San Diego. I also went to my Dad’s funeral in CA.

    My concern is not that ebola is not an airborne virus, but that water droplets are airborne in close quarters. The virus can travel on a water droplet. CO2is not a problem.

  3. Thanks, AOW. Even though the virus is spread through bodily fluids, it is unlikely that it will be spread by one’s spittle. I guess I will start traveling everywhere with a little bottle of that disinfectant stuff. Thanks for the link.

  4. Bob,
    I have a purse-size bottle of sanitizing gel. I also open doors by pulling my sleeves over my hands.

    It’s not only the threat of Ebola. There are also Enterovirus and flu viruses to protect oneself against.

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