“Some Days Are Diamonds…”

picture of diamond ring
Diamonds Are Good

So says John Denver in his famous song, “Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stones)”. His sentiment may have been about lots of things. You can make this song mean anything you want. The message is quite clear. Some days are better than others. Lots better.

Last night while driving in the wilds of North Carolina on the way to my brother’s house, I was listening to an Audible book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “Fooled By Randomness”. This may sound like an uppity title, but be assured it is understandable by almost anyone.

Mr Taleb talks about signal and noise. The task is to not be fooled by the random occurrence of information.  It is kind of like the diamonds and stones of John Denver. You see, you want to get the “signal”, or real value out of all the news, information, and chatter going on in the world everyday. Everything else is just noise, or stones if you will.

Just like the song, you are looking for the diamonds, or value in your everyday dealings and information flow. There is no reason to look for the stones. Usually somebody is throwing the stones at you.

Under the current conditions in the nation today, most of the stones are from the Federal Government. One of those stones is the new health care regime. Another is the catastrophe taking place at our southern border. Another stone is our government’s spying programs. It just never stops.

Somehow in our stoney lives, we have to learn to live and prosper in spite of our government. It is getting harder and harder to find the diamonds.

I suppose we have to learn to be thankful for the few diamonds coming our way. Shield yourself from the stones, and don’t pay attention to the noise, or mixed metaphors like this one.

For your entertainment, John Denver.

5 thoughts on ““Some Days Are Diamonds…””

  1. I forgot what a beautiful voice John Denver had and how much I loved it. I remember landing at Aspen Airport for the first time and looking around at the amazing snow capped mountains and immediately thinking of “Rocky Mountain High”. Come to think of it, for COLORADO’s Pot laws, that’s an even more apt song. It used to mean HIGH MOUNTAINS, didn’t it! HA!
    I never heard this Diamonds and Stones analogy but it’s sure a good one.
    I think that, with God, even the stones can seem like diamonds if you’re paying attention, huh?
    thanks, Bob.

  2. Angel & Z: I am in Maryland to be at a wedding, and appreciate your comments. Yes, Z. John Denver was great with his music. When my daughter was in elementary school, she wanted to marry Denver. On trips we had to have all his songs on tape (tape??? yes!). Later on, it was the Eagles, or Amy something or other. Then there were the Elton John years. It is going on midnight, and we need to be up early (9:00 AM).

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