Out-Of-Body Experiences

The sirens were loud, and getting closer to our house. My wife and I remembered times when one of our neighbors had a heart attack, or other serious malady and our peaceful neighborhood was run over with emergency vehicles.

Partly in jest, I made the statement that I hoped it wasn’t me, this time. I had recently read a story about a man who had died (temporarily), left his body, and did not realize what was going on. He had tried to talk to people, but had no luck in them hearing him. Just for an instant, I feared that I was trapped in a like situation and would bear witness to my own body being trucked out of my own front door.

” I hope it’s not me they are after”, I said to my wife. When she replied laughingly, I knew I was out of consideration for soylent green recycling, at least for today.

I have never had an out of body experience, but I do enjoy reading about those that have. Basically, I don’t believe in out-of-body experiences and look for ways to poke holes in the stories. But, who really knows?

There have been some experiences when I WANTED to get out of my body, and those were in my younger years and involved immense amounts of alcohol. As far as other drugs are concerned, I was always chicken to try cocaine, heroine, or even marijuana, but that’s another story.

Within the last decade, I had a couple of “wish I were dead” experiences. Once, I was out on the town with a client, drinking fine wine and expensive whiskey. On top of that, we were smoking expensive cigars. The problem is that I had quit smoking about twenty years previous to the event, and between the alcohol and large doses of nicotine, I got dreadfully ill. It was worse than when I tried to start smoking when I was a teenager!

I was almost as ill as that time when I got food poisoning from bad seafood enchiladas in downtown Austin, Texas. Now, that was a doozy with me renting a hotel room for twenty-four hours just to have a decent place to throw-up and pass-out. That was almost like an out-of-body experience, except that I felt the pain. Isn’t that the reason for out-of-body stuff, not to feel the pain?

The last time (as far as I will let you know) where I was so stupid and so sick was during the Year 2000 Presidential Election Recounts. That whole fiasco was like an out-of-body experience, and I really got stupid.

I was on a trip at the time, and had checked into a motel. It was McDonald’s burgers for dinner, and a fifth of really cheap bourbon whiskey to ease the pain of the election recounts. That was the night the Florida Supreme Court came up with their Kangaroo Court decision to recount only a couple of counties. This was obviously in support of Al Gore’s candidacy, and was not supported by any law in the State of Florida.

As the night wore on, I would pour another drink, then another, then another. By the time the Florida Supreme Court ruling came in, I was in misery. It was an upsetting evening, and I was stupid enough to watch everything. No matter whose side you were on, the whole thing was like a circus.

Looking back, the recount was like an out-of-body experience. It was just not real, not in the physical or legal sense. When the US Supreme Court put an end to the circus, it was well past time to stop all the legal shenanigans.

Well, that’s my out-of-body experiences. What about yours?

11 thoughts on “Out-Of-Body Experiences”

  1. Happened to my mom years ago.
    Had a blood transfusion during surgery and got hepatitis.
    Floated to the ceiling watched what was happening in the room, went to the light and was “sent back”.
    Described the scene to the doctors, who were amazed at her knowledge of detail while she was dead.
    It’s my mom, what can I say.

  2. I love to hear these stories. My statement about trying to poke holes in them is not really accurate. The truth is I haven;t found a way to do it. Since there are so many of these stories, I don’t disbelieve. Thanks for the comment, Ed.

  3. I never had one. I WILL say that I’ve been sick enough to have felt I had to get better just to die!!! That’s when I had frequent debilitating migraines. Or had a martini too many in the corporate fun life of my Twenties and early Thirties! And those two are not mutually exclusive, by the way.
    I think there are too many similar stories for us to discount these ‘lights’ and ‘floating’ experiences. if I came back from one of those, I’d like to think I’d turn into Mother Theresa in gratitude. But it wouldn’t last long 🙂

  4. “I’d like to think I’d turn into Mother Theresa in gratitude. But it wouldn’t last long ”

    It’s starting to sound like we worked at the same kind of places. If I had one of those out of body experiences, I am not sure what I would do. I would repent, again, and go forth and do something. The message, here, is why don’t we go forth and do something, anyway? Thanks for the comment.

  5. I’ve had one for sure. I was 25, sharing a 2 story house with a roommate in Pittsburgh. I was tired, got home from work, parked in front, went in, relaxed, hit the sack. It was winter but it was dry up until the time I went to sleep. At some point durig the night, I ‘had a dream’ that my body rotated out of the bed with my feet rising first, completing a 270 degree backwards flip and ending up outside the house through the window that was at teh head of my bed at the 2nd floor level and I was looking at a number of very distinct icicles. One was quite large, about 12 inches or more in length and about an inch thick.

    When I got up the next morning, this ‘dream’ was very fresh in my mind,and so I went outside and walked around the house to the side that I woould have been suspended beside, that I had not seen for 24+ hours and looked up at the roof line and the exact icicles that I saw in the ‘dream’ were there handing from the side of the roof just above my bedroom window.

    At the time I called it astral projection.

    I tried to transport myself to various female sex symbols bedrooms in succeeding nights but no luck…

    Anyway, The fact that I remember this so vividly, even today I can image those icicles, is persuasive for making the case.

  6. Wow! What an interesting experience. Right off hand, I want to call it a dream, as I have had recurrent dreams of strange things, like by running and each step taking me flying through the air for 10 to 100 yards. I like this dream because it is really cool.

    However, you managed to document to yourself that the icicles existed. Interesting.

    Of course I sympathize with the story about the pinups, err, female sex symbols and the inherent disappointment in my lack of magic.

  7. Bob, I was almost trembling as I walked around the side of the house and looked up, already ahve the image in my mind and seeing the exact same thing. I can assure you, they weren’t there when I went to bed the night before and there was no other way I could have seen them. Excuse the typos pls in the orignal comment.

  8. When I think about your story, it’s extraordinary. I usually ignore things if I have no way to investigate it, assuming that the whole thing would be explainable. I believe your experience was more than a deja vu “all over again” episode. I don’t remember anything like this ever happening to me.

  9. Bob, Again – nor do I. And I wasn’t high or drinking, or anything. I believe to my soul that something happened there. I just wish it was more than icicles !

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