Susan Rice – Obama’s Sacrificial Lamb

picture of Susan Rice, US Ambassador to The United Nations
Susan Rice – Sacrificial Lamb

Susan Rice did it again. She appeared on Sunday news shows defending the President’s decision to trade five ultra-dangerous Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo detention facility for one Sargent Bowe Bergdahl, a Taliban prisoner for the last five years.

The reason she may have done the wrong thing is the persistent, and prominent statements from Army soldiers who had been in Bergdahl’s company that Sgt. Bergdahl was a deserter. In spite of this Susan Rice stated on ABC News that Sgt Bergdahl had served with honor and distinction.

Most of the rational people in the United States had heard Rice make similar statements, before, defending Barack Obama’s actions. Her words have been received with derision and surprise that the administration would take such an obviously political tack just to dodge the Veterans Administration scandal.

Ms Rice had been sent by the Obama administration to lie about the Benghazi murder of the United States Ambassador, Chris Stevens, two years ago on five Sunday network news programs. Since then, we have learned that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice all knew that the Benghazi attack was not the result of a spontaneous reaction to a little known Youtube video. There are emails that show she was prepped to blame the video instead of admitting that Al Qaeda or a group affiliated closely to Al Qaeda, the terrorist group that Obama promised was destroyed, was behind the action.

Susan Rice has been tapped twice by the administration to lie to the American people. All reports say that Susan Rice is a smart person, and should know when she is being used as a patsy, or sacrificial lamb.

She has nothing to gain from being that sacrificial lamb, except some undiscovered reward from the most dishonest President in history.

Suggestions, anyone, on what that reward may be?

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