Remember The Old Folks And Their Music

My lovely niece messaged me on Facebook asking me what kind of music her Dad would prefer. His birthday is this week, and she is putting together some music for him. The problem is that I don’t know what he likes.

My brother was born in 1928, and I suppose that the music of his generation was Big Band music with all its shades, jazz, to blues, to boring. When I worked at a radio station, I played some of the music from that generation with bands like Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, and others. I found it fascinating, and much of it was really good. A lot of really good and creative music was made in that era, and there are still lots of fans of that music.

The Glenn Miller Story is a good movie that is well worth watching, and tells a lot about the the era. It is available on in dvd format.

One of the artists I distinctly remember is Buddy Rich, the fastest drummer in the world. That was the claim, and it may still be true. Below is a sample of Buddy Rich’s work.

The Big Band era produced a genre all its own. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Remember The Old Folks And Their Music”

  1. I absolutely love Glenn Miller and have probably seen The Glenn Miller Story (Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson) 30 times. I cry every single time they hear he’s dead. You’d think I’d learn; I DO know the ending!
    And my dad adored that era’s music, too. I sang once in a club, shortly after Dad died 20 years ago, and one of the Ink Spots was in the bar and asked someone to get me to his table after I was finished…he complimented me, they told me who he was (man, he was OLD!) and I remember almost running to the phone to call Dad in my excitement and remembering he wasn’t there. Quite a moment. he’d have loved that.
    Anyway….And Buddy Rich; my homeroom teacher in Jr High School introduced us to him and I went out and bought an album with this on it, from West Side Story. FANTASTIC, and I AM NOT a big drum solo fan. This guy was amazing. Imagine just keeping the right RHYTHM for that long let alone the athletics of it? Grueling.
    Thank you for this wonderful post. Actually, I was rewarded for wanting to come here and tell you how much I respect your thinking and your kindness on so many issues.
    God bless you, Bob. You’re a favorite of mine. really are. We need WAY more men like you!

  2. Thanks, Z. I have a lot of fun reading your blog, especially articles like the one today. Keep it up!

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