Politics And Surveys In Georgia US Senate Runoff

It’s still game on.  David Perdue and Jack Kingston both qualified for a Republican runoff election for US Senate to be held on July 22, 2014. The winner will face Democrat US Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, daughter of former US Senator Sam Nunn.

I found out earlier today just what all this entails when we received an out-of-area telephone call asking questions for a “nation-wide” survey. Since the questioner was asking questions about how, as a Georgia voter, I felt about a number of things, I knew this was not a “nation-wide” survey. It was all about Georgia, and was probably NOT for one of the candidates.

How do I know this? First of all, the lady ask me if I were a registered Democrat or Republican. Since Georgia does not require one to register a political party of affiliation, I told her that I was not a registered member of any party. Whoever created this survey certainly doesn’t know anything about Georgia.

She then asked me if I felt closer to the Republican Party, or the Democrat Party. That’s when I told her that I was Libertarian. Next, the questions were fast and furious.

1. Would you vote against any abortion except when the mother’s life were in question?
2. Would you vote for any kind of gun control?
3. Would you vote against all tax increases even if for education?

There were a couple of other questions, and they were all structured like the others to elicit an extreme response. There are shades of gray for any of these positions, but I was not given the chance to make any distinction. The tipoff is the language. See the usage of the words “any” and “all” in the questions.

I therefore considered the survey to be used as confirmation bias for a general stereotyping of political conservatives in Georgia. This survey seems to be more fodder for media organizations than individual  candidates.

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