Month: May 2014

Imprisoned American Soldiers

It was announced today that Army Sargent Bowe Bergdahl who was a Taliban prisoner in Afghanistan was released, today. It is reported that SEALS are escorting him home.

The Obama Administration traded five Afghan Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo to secure Bergdahl’s release.

This is a good thing. One American soldier is worth a lot to us. Thank God we will have him home.

Now, the President needs to get to work to get others released from foreign imprisonment. Marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi was jailed after he took a wrong turn at the US/Mexican border and was detained by Mexican military authorities because Tahmooressi had weapons in his truck. These weapons are legal in the United States, but not in Mexico.

So far, the US government has not shown interest in rescuing this American Marine who is unjustly in a Mexican prison where he is being beaten regularly.

Mr President. It’s time to get busy. Free Sgt. Tahmooressi.


Remember The Old Folks And Their Music

My lovely niece messaged me on Facebook asking me what kind of music her Dad would prefer. His birthday is this week, and she is putting together some music for him. The problem is that I don’t know what he likes.

My brother was born in 1928, and I suppose that the music of his generation was Big Band music with all its shades, jazz, to blues, to boring. When I worked at a radio station, I played some of the music from that generation with bands like Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, and others. I found it fascinating, and much of it was really good. A lot of really good and creative music was made in that era, and there are still lots of fans of that music.

The Glenn Miller Story is a good movie that is well worth watching, and tells a lot about the the era. It is available on in dvd format.

One of the artists I distinctly remember is Buddy Rich, the fastest drummer in the world. That was the claim, and it may still be true. Below is a sample of Buddy Rich’s work.

The Big Band era produced a genre all its own. Enjoy.

Neville Chamberlain Called Barack Obama…

Neville Chamberlain  (18 March 1869 – 9 November 1940)  called Barack Obama wanting his foreign policy back. Appease, appease, appease seems to be the track for Barack Obama. Or, maybe ignore, ignore, ignore is more descriptive of the Obama Doctrine.

Whatever Barack Obama is doing is not working. In Obama’s address to the graduating class at West Point Military Academy, things got really trivial. Obama used the first person, singular, I, thirty-seven times to my count. This was not a speech about the future of the graduating West Point cadets. It was a speech to outline Barack Obama’s excuses and vision for foreign policy.

He launched into his mythical achievements instead of concentrating on the cadets and the future they face. He said, “Al Qaeda’s leadership on the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been decimated, and Osama bin Laden is no more. ”

Of course, we have known since September 11, 2001 that even though Al Qaeda had a leader, they were organized such that when that leader was eliminated, Al Qaeda would spread like cock roaches, starting new organizations in the image of Al Qaeda everywhere. And, they have gained ascendency in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, etc. They are all over, and are known by many different names.

Obama also says, “when a typhoon hits the Philippines, or schoolgirls are kidnapped in Nigeria, or masked men occupy a building in Ukraine, it is America that the world looks to for help.”

America has yet to help the Ukraine keep Russia out. The Nigerian kidnapped girls are still out there, somewhere. Yeah. we send humanitarian help to those struck by typhoons, and other natural disasters, but Obama seems to be afraid of Vladimir Putin.

Obama has yet to help anybody in Syria, and the Benghazi Cover Up is standard policy for the Obama White House.

Essentially, Obama says he will not get involved in foreign entanglements if the United States is not directly threatened. Of course, in most historical cases, our nation was not directly threatened. Think about Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq War I, and Iraq War II, and Afghanistan. The only direct threat was terrorism, and it is arguable that terrorist in the Middle East cannot directly hit the United States.

If you have any more delusions like this, you should not be President. In each of those cases there were threats to the United States, or one of our allies.

Whenever one of our allies or friends is challenged around the world, what do we do? That’s the basic issue Obama must answer. It is trivially simple when somebody is throwing bullets or missiles at us.

Like Neville Chamberlain, Obama will let the bad guys take over a significant portion of the world before he perceives a threat.




Politics And Surveys In Georgia US Senate Runoff

It’s still game on.  David Perdue and Jack Kingston both qualified for a Republican runoff election for US Senate to be held on July 22, 2014. The winner will face Democrat US Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, daughter of former US Senator Sam Nunn.

I found out earlier today just what all this entails when we received an out-of-area telephone call asking questions for a “nation-wide” survey. Since the questioner was asking questions about how, as a Georgia voter, I felt about a number of things, I knew this was not a “nation-wide” survey. It was all about Georgia, and was probably NOT for one of the candidates.

How do I know this? First of all, the lady ask me if I were a registered Democrat or Republican. Since Georgia does not require one to register a political party of affiliation, I told her that I was not a registered member of any party. Whoever created this survey certainly doesn’t know anything about Georgia.

She then asked me if I felt closer to the Republican Party, or the Democrat Party. That’s when I told her that I was Libertarian. Next, the questions were fast and furious.

1. Would you vote against any abortion except when the mother’s life were in question?
2. Would you vote for any kind of gun control?
3. Would you vote against all tax increases even if for education?

There were a couple of other questions, and they were all structured like the others to elicit an extreme response. There are shades of gray for any of these positions, but I was not given the chance to make any distinction. The tipoff is the language. See the usage of the words “any” and “all” in the questions.

I therefore considered the survey to be used as confirmation bias for a general stereotyping of political conservatives in Georgia. This survey seems to be more fodder for media organizations than individual  candidates.

Primary Day In Georgia – Who To Vote For?

David Perdue, Republican Candidate for U S Senate
David Perdue, Republican Candidate for U S Senate

OK. It is primary election day in Georgia and we have five major Republican candidates for US Senator running to replace Saxby Chambliss. Three of these Republican wannabe’s are sitting US Representatives, one is the former Secretary of State and former Gubernatorial candidate. The fifth is a cousin of the former Republican governor of the state.

My first impulse is to reject the candidacy of those three sitting US Representatives. These are Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun, and Jack Kingston. Both Broun and Gingrey are medical doctors, and I am not excited to elect another rich medical doctor. Karen Handel has a respectable resume and an aggressive campaign with endorsements from famous people, one of which is Governor Sarah Palin.

We get robo-calls from all these campaigns, all day, every day, until about eight o’clock in the evening. Karen Handel’s calls are obnoxious, not only because of Sarah Palin who has an obnoxious voice, but because of the volume of calls. I don’t have anything personal against Mrs Handel, and I am sure she is a very smart lady. However, I really get tired of candidates saying they are the most conservative of all candidates, and that’s why we should give them our votes.

Yes. I am a Republican. I am conservative. I support the principles upon which the Tea Parties were founded. I sometimes have a Libertarian view of social issues, like, we should let people live their lives without legislative interference. I am receptive to same-sex marriage and gay rights, but really don’t care about drugs or the legalization of same. I admit that I can be influenced on some issues.

So, I will not vote for Karen Handel or any of the three sitting US Congress Representatives for Senator. This leaves David Perdue, cousin of Sonny Perdue, former Republican Governor and probably the most moderate candidate.

To Perdue’s credit, he has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research. This is hard stuff, and having a degree in engineering, and an MBA, I can understand what Perdue had to learn to get his education.

Plus, in the business world Perdue was Senior Vice President for Asian Operations for Sara Lee foods, CEO at Reebok, and Chairman and CEO of Dollar General Stores. He also worked in several foreign countries. You don’t get to those heights without being someone special. Sure, those candidates with medical degrees are smart, too. However, they have their limitations. Perdue understands economics and many technical issues, and is not as likely to be fooled by those idiots in the US Congress and their staffs.

Now you know how I will vote, and pretty much why. Being a conservative is important, but is not the primary requirement. You gotta be smart, and you have to understand economics, science, and foreign relations. David Perdue is my guy.




Genetically Modified Food – Good Or Bad?

With all the hue and cry you hear from environmentalists, neo-preppies, and climate change antagonists that genetically modified organisms (GMO) are the work of Satan, it sounds like the world is coming to an end. Europeans will not allow the import of American corn, soybeans, or other US grown foods that have been genetically modified to combat pests, or to make food crops more drought resistant. Environmental groups are violently against GMO crops. Organic enthusiasts are particularly against these crops.

Before my research for writing this article, I knew very little about the field. Indeed, I have always been skeptical about claims that GMO foods are bad for us. Corn fed to beef and pigs have been modified. Soy beans whose oil goes into virtually every vegetable oil on the market have been modified. We have been modifying foods and other natural products for a long time.

Historically, pretty much every plant or animal food we consume has been modified in one way or another. For example, today’s corn plant had to be domesticated and was interbred over thousands of years to become today’s dietary staple. Ditto pretty much everything else. In 2009 about eighty-five percent of the US corn crop was genetically modified.

So why are people upset over the process? I think people are naturally skeptical of anything new, and some testy people are especially suspicious or critical of anything mankind does. Climate change is a prime example. It has become a political football in spite of the benign nature of climate change. Sure, climate changes all the time, and all those changes are not bad. Some are good.

Likewise, some genetically changed foods are better than their predecessors. They cost less to grow and harvest, perform better against pests, or are more resistant to drought.

Picture of honey bee pollinating a flower.
Honey Bee Pollinating Flowers (Wikipedia)

There are no scientific studies that show that GMO foods are harmful to humans or the environment. What are some of the claims of the crazies?

1. GMO crops are causing the honey bees to die in mass quantities.
2. GMO crops are destroying the environment.
3. GMO crops that are herbicide resistant (Roundup resistant) are causing more herbicide resistant  weeds to develop.
4. GMO food crops are causing more allergy reactions in humans.

The list can go on, and on. In every case that I have investigated, there are no credible scientific studies that show harm to anybody or anything caused by genetically engineered food crops.

Organizations that advocate loudly against GMO crops are political, anti-capitalism, and anti-human. More than anything, these anti-GMO advocates are collecting money from unsuspecting and ignorant environmentalists and kooks all over the world, similar to Greenpeace and other extreme advocacy groups.

Don’t forget to follow the money.

The Cleansing of Lennart Bengtsson

Highly respected scientist resigns the Global Warming Policy foundation. Dr Bengtson joined the conservative, skeptical GWPF just two weeks ago, and has been subsequently harassed by climate change alarmists to the point that he has now resigned. Is this indicative of a larger trend going on in our society as in well-known conservatives being turned down by students at certain colleges?

The following article has been re-blogged from Climate Audit.

Climate Audit

Recently, Lennart Bengtsson undertook a positive dialogue with climate skeptics by joining the advisory board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, an organization that attempts to represent rational skepticism.

Instead of welcoming this initiative, the climate “community” has now cleansed Lennart Bengtsson by pressuring him to resign from the GWPF advisory board. Bengtsson’s discouraging resignation is at Klimaz Weibel here (h/t Bishop Hill).

I have been put under such an enormous group pressure in recent days from all over the world that has become virtually unbearable to me. If this is going to continue I will be unable to conduct my normal work and will even start to worry about my health and safety. I see therefore no other way out therefore than resigning from GWPF. I had not expecting such an enormous world-wide pressure put at me from a community that I have been close to all my active…

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The First Gay NFL Draftee

sam_michaelsMichael Sam was almost the last athlete chosen in the NFL draft. Sam was an all Southeastern Conference player from the University of Missouri, and an All American football player. Michael Sam is black, a great athlete and is out of the closet after the college season becoming the first gay player chosen in any NFL draft.

Sam will play for the St Louis Rams, a very good NFL team. The comments are flooding in including some not very flattering. There are people like Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones who tweeted “OMG”, and “horrible”. Jones is in trouble, and may have to endure some sensitivity training. Most the other players are wisely keeping quiet.

This opens up a whole new problem for the NFL. It seems they are adamant to accept gay players, and we all “know” there are some gay men on some of those teams. Else, why would they go around patting each other on the ass?  This may result in more violence on and off the field.

How does the NFL control the violence on the field of play where men are paid to do violence to others? Will players go out of their way to rough up Sam? That’s what happens in high school, and probably in many colleges. People just don’t automatically give up their prejudices.

Will the locker rooms be partitioned into private showers? Will those three hundred pound tackles and guards think a gay player is sizing up their privates?

What happens in the bottom of a pile-up. Does the gay guy get it, or does the gay guy do the pinching and punching? There may be a whole new spectrum of on-the-field behavior developing.

It will be interesting to see how Michael Sam develops in the league. He is a terrific athlete, and he is certainly gay. I for one hope he makes the grade and all this publicity fades away.


photo from Wikipedia

Measurables; True Freshman

This is the weekend of the NFL draft. I have spent several hours in front of my big screen television watching talking sports heads modify the English language. The college guys are just as bad.

How about “freshman” instead of “true freshman”?

This whole “true freshman” thing comes from the fact that the NCAA expects that a college athlete should have no more than four eligible years to play a sport. Sometimes, a football player out of high school will not be ready to play at the college level, so the athletic staff has the choice of developing the kid, while not allowing the player to actually play in a real game. The athlete does not lose any of the four years of sports eligibility, and advances to the sophomore academic year.This process is called, redshirting.

Thus, an academic freshman can be a football redshirt. Because of this, when the kid is finally allowed to play, he may be an academic sophomore, but in his first year of sports eligibility, or a freshman athlete. When an academic freshman is allowed to play in a varsity game in first year of sports eligibility, he is called a “true freshman”.

Do you see how long it took me to explain this? It would be so much easier to understand that if a player is on the field, and is in his first year’s eligibility, just call him a freshman regardless of his redshirt situation.

Freshman is all you have to know. If used in the context of sports eligibility, the athlete is in the first of four years of eligibility, a freshman. If used in the context of academics, the student is a freshman in the first year in college.

How about “metrics: instead of “measurables”?

During the NFL draft, you hear tons and tons of statistics on college players. How many passes completed, tackles made, speed in the forty-yard dash, etc., etc, are the lingua franca of the talking sports head. They also talk about the physical attributes like height, weight, arm strength, hand spread, and any other physical attrite that can be measured.

So, the dummies call them, “measurables”. OK. We all get it. However, the word, measurable, is an adjective. So, here we have another word morphing into something else because sports jocks don’t have measurable vocabularies.

Try the word, metrics. Yes. A metric is a measurable attribute. It is a characteristic describable with numbers.

Oh, there’s so much wrong in this world, and there’s so little time to correct things.

Obama Scandals: Benghazi, IRS, Climate Change

Scandals are a dime a dozen in the Obama Administration. Whenever something new comes up, he always says that he will get to the bottom of the matter, or those guilty will be caught and punished. When after a meaningful amount of time has passed with absolutely no results in either explanations, criminals caught, or in the increasingly acrimonious Congressional investigations, Obama will always come back and say there was nothing to it, anyway.

That’s the nature of our chief executive. Right now we have continuing Congressional investigations on Fast And Furious (Federals encourage sale of guns to drug cartels); IRS targeting of conservative organizations to disallow tax exempt status; and the Benghazi Cover-up scandal. Barack Obama is calling all of these very real events, “false scandals”. What a guy! At least five people are dead because of Federal Government policies, and Obama doesn’t care if anybody takes responsibility. Now we have cover-ups.

We wonder why all this is going on in Obama’s Administration. The answer is always Democrat Party politics.

1. Fast And Furious: If the truth could ever come out about who proposed, approved, and managed a program to get guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Obama Administration will no only look bad, but quite possibly the Attorney General might have to resign. Attorney Gernral Eric Holder has been refusing information to the investigative committee for years, and is the most un-American government official I have ever seen.

2. IRS Scandal: During the 2010 mid-term elections, the Tea Parties were formed and were responsible for many Democrat incumbents being booted from office. This is why the Democrats started calling the Tea Parties racist, and other unsupported names. Enter Lois Lerner, IRS executive who made sure that the Tea Parties, when applying for tax exempt status, would be stone-walled, delayed, or denied. Without the ability to collect funds, the Tea Parties were severely hampered in the 2012 elections where they had very little influence. Lois Lerner refused to talk to the Congressional Committee, and the Congress has voted to hold her in contempt for not testifying. The IRS scandal has been under discussion for a year.

3. The Bengazi Cover-Up:  We all know there was a Government cover-up with the Benghazi terrorist attack and the subsequent murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans fighting to protect the Ambassador. Three top officials have lied as to the cause of the attack  including Susan Rice, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. As of today, the Congress voted to appoint a select committee to continue to investigate exactly what was covered up besides the attack being a planned, terrorist attack on the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack. The cover-up was to make sure Obama was re-elected because his claimed policy of Al Queda being decimated was falsified by this one attack on the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack. Many questions need to be answered about Benghazi, and the administration is stone-walling.

4. Climate Change Scam: We all know the climate is changing, and has been for millions of years. We all know that fossil fuel emissions are responsible for some of the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere, and mankind has probably contributed  to global warming. The scam comes in when the administration claims that tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and forest fires will all get worse because of climate change. WRONG! There are no empirical studies showing this. That is Zombie Science.   The Dems goal is to raise a new tax on carbon emissions to finance liberal programs. Any money spent on mitigating climate change will make no difference, whatsoever. Economists and scientists around the world agree on this fact.

So, you see that anything the Obama Administration does is either a lie or a scam. Everything from economic forecasts to climate forecasts are simply grabbed out of convenient orifices.