When God Comes To Visit

Recently, my brother suffered a “brain bleed”, or in the popular parlance, a stroke. He lived through it. Like all strokes, it does affect the brain, including motor functions, how he speaks, and other sensory functions.

It happened sixteen years ago when this same brother, a minister of God, was preaching our mother’s funeral and had a similar stroke. He couldn’t speak or read well for years, but with hard work overcame the speech problems, and continued to preach and teach. He is a wonderful, brave, and devout man. He knows his reason for living.

Of course, the minute the rest of the family heard that our brother had, once again, experienced a stroke, we were extremely apprehensive that this might be the one that either kills him, or causes him to be miserable for the rest of his life.

I don’t know what his thoughts are in this case, but I can tell you that he probably doesn’t see things like the rest of us. Knowing our brother, he was simply wounded in the course of doing his duty in a ministry helping people get their lives straight, and bringing them to God.

He can speak now, somewhat, and he knows what is going on. At first, he had trouble speaking and remembering people’s names. He has progressed a lot since then, and we are all hoping for a full recovery.

It is tempting to say that God is not through with our brother. Just as importantly, God is not through with us.

When God comes visiting, we need to be busy doing the Lord’s work. That is more important than sitting around and arguing about the Second Coming.


9 thoughts on “When God Comes To Visit”

  1. Bob,
    Thank you for this post.

    I’m sure that you must realize why the first sentence so quickly and so strongly caught my attention. I know what it’s like to live with someone who has had a major brain bleed; Mr. AOW had one back in 209. Bad and permanent damage! Still, things have improved, and Mr. AOW is back to PT right now as I type in this comment. We’re hoping for a few more small miracles.

    What matters — as you so rightly pointed out — is how we live our lives such as they may be and for how long. And, yes, we should all be busy about Our Father’s doing instead of pursuing futitiies and frustrations.

    A blessed Good Friday to you. And I just said a little prayer for your brother.

  2. this is probably the best Good Friday or Easter post anybody could write.
    Thank you, dear Bob. I’m praying for your brother, too.
    Recoveries DO happen;. your brother is a rock star. I pray for that kind of faith.

  3. WOW, Z: Thanks for you kind words. My brother his doing a little better, today, but he is only beginning his rehap therapy sessions. His daughter from LA is here, and she is terrified that she might lose her dad. I think he will be physically OK after a few weeks, but it might take years to regain his speech.

    Ed: Thanks for the thoughts and good words.

  4. Bob,
    Therapy can work wonders. However, the brain needs time to absorb the new information. I’ve read that sleeping with one’s head turned to the left helps the brain to rewire. There’s also a therapy called tactile sequencing, and it worked wonders with Mr. AOW. The patient may be asleep or awake.

  5. Hey, I liked “WOW” 🙂 And I want that response ALL to myself (smile!) kidding, of course.
    I feel so much for your niece….that’s a scary thing. I’m so sorry.

  6. Thanks, Z. My brother is making progress, slowly, as these things seem to go. He is basically healthy, and we hope that he will keep improving. He was on a prison ministry when this happened, and he is ready to go all over again when he has regained his strength. Thanks for you thoughts.

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