Weak Country, Weaker Leadership

I really hate writing about this stuff. It is painful to even think about how our once great country has been weakened, and how we have forfeited our world-wide leadership role to a tin-horn dictator like Vladimir Putin.

It took Barack Obama only five years to achieve this seeming monumental task of taking the greatest nation in the history of the world and making it an also ran nation of sponges and nere-do-wells. Strong language?

Who can forget Barack Obama’s maiden apology tour in the beginning of his administration? In that period he sucked up to the French because we do not speak that language. He threw the Israeli’s under the bus because he thinks that he can suck up to terrorist run Islamic organizations to bring about middle-east peace.

How can anyone forget Obama’s attempt at “restarting” US/Russian relations when there was nothing wrong with our positions, anyway? Then, our fearless leader killed plans for a missile shield in Eastern Europe, a move that threw our best allies under the bus, and for what? The whole thing was theater to try to make Obama look good.

Did I mention the Arab Spring debacles? Remember Obama’s apology speech to the world of Islam that we have been wrong in out approach to Muslims? Do you remember when Barack Obama did not support the Egyptian military, but instead let the leadership of that country go to the Egyptian Brotherhood? Why did Obama praise this process.

Don’t forget about Libya where Barack Obama coined an expression that will forever haunt him and his administration. Leading from behind, indeed!

Our Maximum Leader, Barack Obama, has drawn another line in the sand in Syria. He has called for an end to the Assad regime. Where has he been while Assad has been cementing his control, and murdering thousands? That’s real leadership of the Obama kind.

I haven’t talked about Obama-care, a bad idea executed very badly. Nor have I written about the foolish idea of surrendering the management of Internet domain names to the United Nations, the first step in increased fees and content control of the most important technological and sociological developments in the last thousand years.

Weak leaders do not make just weak leaders. Weak leaders most often give no leadership. This is the story of Barack Obama, no leadership.

6 thoughts on “Weak Country, Weaker Leadership”

  1. Hi. My thoughts and observations, exactly! This guy in the White House holds the record for the most destruction in as little time as possible. He makes me sick. I saw him very briefly on TV doing that basketball bracket thing. What the heck. And meanwhile, everything is going to heck in a hand basket here and in the world, while he’s playing. I never thought I’d see the day when our country was brought down. Thank you for writing what goes through my mind. ~Susan

  2. Susan: I never thought I would see it, either. It is one disaster after another with Obama, and I didn’t even mention the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS cover-up, or any of the other scandals. Maybe we should view all of his record as criminal. I appreciate your comment.

  3. “he just plain doesn’t LIKE the compulsory parts of the job that make a success. ”

    Yes. Not only pithy, but correct! Thanks, AOW

  4. z: I am embarrassed about everything Obama does. That brilliant thing about leading from behind illustrates only the surface of the cluelessness of the Obama regime. God help us. Please!

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