Malaysia Air Lines Flight 370

Where is that airplane? There have been so many stories about what may or may not have happened. What are we to believe?

First of all, we must remember a Yogi-ism, “It ain’t over ’til its over.” That’s good advice for pretty much any occasion. We must wait until we get all the facts before we can make decisions.

The problem with Flight 370 is that there are 239 people on that missing flight. Did the Boeing 777 go down at sea due to equipment failure? Did the flight go down as the result of a terrorist action. Did the flight crash, at all? So far, it is thought that the airplane changed course and flew across Malaysia, and out over the Straight of Malacca and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Terrorist theorist are speculating that from there, the airplane would have started flying over the Indian Ocean. Indeed, we now have evidence that the Boeing 777 had been transmitting data to satellites for several hours after the transponder signals stopped being received. Because of this factual data, it is now assumed that terrorists were somehow involved, and possibly headed for a dry landing at an undetermined landing strip.

With a week’s worth of information flooding in, we still have no idea what happened to Flight 370. All we can do is to keep following up on leads, and searching the open sea for wreckage, and searching for signs of other destinations.

4 thoughts on “Malaysia Air Lines Flight 370”

  1. This is driving me crazy too. Im stuck on the fact that that plane could be anywhere, what if some of them are still alive, what if they are in the middle of nowhere. Its happened before people survive plane crashes all the time. Im losing sleep because I had to catch the 4am conferences and I cant stop wondering if anyone is alive. I want them to be but every day that passes I hope that nobody is suffering and just waiting to die.

  2. I cannot imagine what the families are going through, or the passengers if they are still alive. When members of my family do not show up on time (like my once college student daughter), I get really upset. My Dad was known to call the various highway patrols when It took me longer to get from wherever I was to home. It is scary that some people in the world don’t have these feelings or standards. It is nasty out there. Thanks for the comment, and happy birthday, beautiful lady.

  3. This reeks of Islamic terrorism. I find the whole disappearance highly suspicious. Why wasn’t there a full-blown investigation right off the bat? What are they hiding?

    The families need answers and closure.

  4. Leticia: I feel like the first problem was that the Malaysians don’t have the knowledge or resources to know even where to start. I also feel like you are correct. That part of the world is lousy with Muslims. Indonesia is right there, and has one of the largest populations of Muslims in the world. One of my problems is that I don’t understand what motive any terrorist would have to hijack a passenger airplane, unless it is to use it as a weapon. To that end, what happens with the passengers? Our government may know much more than they a letting on, and I certainly hope that those 239 passengers are still alive. Either way, our prayers are appropriate. Thanks for the comment.

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