Academy Awards – Just Sayin’

I am watching the Academy Awards as I write. The actresses are beautiful, and so are the actors. What’s going on, here?

Have we run out of manly men in Hollywood? Where are the fierce individuals, the manly men, the John Wayne’s of the age? All these guys look-alike, probably down to their underwear.

Let me explain.

First of all, it seems that most of the actors are shorter than the actresses. This means that the average height of a Hollywood Actor is about 5 1/2 feet. They are all little bitty people.

Take a look at their faces. They all are trying the scruffy to medium beard look. This is to make them look more masculine. Little do they know that the master of ceremonies, Ellen DeGeneres could do the same thing (no insult intended). It is almost like they are trying to hide their short-comings with facial hair.

Then, look at their suits. Where did this look come from? It looks like they couldn’t afford a suit  that fit. They all come on stage with their too-tight pants and tight, short-sleeved coats. They look like they got screwed at the Mens Warehouse, I guarantee it. There’s nothing wrong with the Mens Warehouse, but these guys seem like they are trying to push some sort anorexic European, girly boy style.

It looks like the film Gravity is getting lots of awards.

This is my Academy Awards report.

Over and out…

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