Should We Legalize All Drugs?

I’ve always been a big fan of Milton Freedman, Nobel Laureate economist. One of his more controversial ideas was to legalize all drugs. His reasoning was that drug related crimes would pretty much stop, and the nation would save billions of dollars when not having to fight a war on drugs. See a Miltion Freedman video, here.

As Freedman illustrates, there are lots of good reasons to legalize the use of all drugs. It almost goes without saying that drive-by shootings would decrease to almost zero. Tax revenues would increase on the sale of these drugs. Our prison population, and the cost to maintain these people, would decrease significantly. He makes it sound like a win-win.


What happens to those who insist on using these drugs? How do we handle their addictions? Are we prepared to handle future addictions?

Now that my children are grown-up, I have another worry. I am concerned about my grandchildren. They are small people, right now, but someday they will go to high school and college. What problems will they face. Will it become really popular to use crack cocaine? Why not? Our President thinks it’s OK.

In my own smug way I always thought that others could make the mistake of wallowing in the addictions of drugs and alcohol. If others took themselves out of the job market, I would only profit. But, I never thought that we are all vulnerable to these problems with some at greater risk than others.

Right now, I have decided that legalizing all drugs could be a big mistake. I value my children and grandchildren. I am not so stupid to think that alcohol and marijuana are harmless. Only a fool would think that way.

How many potheads do you remember in school or your neighborhoods? Do you want your kids or grand-kids to be pot-stupid, too?

This is the future we face if we continue down this road of legalizing pot, crack, and other drugs.

Where will it end?

6 thoughts on “Should We Legalize All Drugs?”

  1. Think of it this way, if all drugs were legalised, would either of us go out and bang a few lines of grade-A smack? We wouldn’t because we know better. The trick is to have our kids educated to the same level as us so they’re just as logical. Legalisation is still the most viable solution despite the danger it could pose.

  2. I do support legalizing all drugs. I’ve written a couple of posts on the subject; but it has been a couple of years since the last one. I don’t argue for legalizing drugs from the libertarian point of view, although I could. I argue the legalizing drugs is the morally correct thing to do. I came to this conclusion from seeing with my own eyes the trail of blood, terror, and corruption that American drug laws have created from the streets of America through Central and South America. US drug laws act as a huge tax on illicit drugs which makes them very expensive. But, the tax collectors are the drug cartels. We are talking about billions of dollars used to terrorize and kill and corrupt and to turn children into stone hard killers. All because Americans have a drug abuse problem and instead of addressing it as a social problem, we have criminalized it. All these laws have ot reduced the drug abuuse problem in America. Some years back Portugal legalized drugs and when I researched, I found that they have not seen an increase in drug use by their citizens. Drug use is a serious problem for our society; but I think we need to look for other ways of dealing with it than financing drug cartels with our drug user’s money.

  3. Jim, As usual I am pleased to have your comments. They are always well framed, and you articulate you opinions well.

    As I mentioned, I have been in agreement with Milton Freedman, and you, primarily because of the economic arguments that are indisputable. Your viewpoint is also pretty much indisputable. However, when I look at my five year-old grandson and three year-old granddaughter, I find myself looking for ways to shield them from a world in which drugs are legal in every drugstore, or convenience store. I realize my over-hyping this does not lead to a totally rational position, but it is one that many parents and grandparents take.

    You have given me much more to think about. As a matter of fact, I believe we have discussed this before.

    May God bless you and yours in the coming year.

  4. vonzex: You are probably right. Education is a key, and we used to laugh at Nancy Reagan for her “Just Say No!” campaign. Education makes lots of sense, now. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Martin: Thanks for the re-blog. I must think that you are in favor of legalizing drugs because of the title of you blog.

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