Good-Bye Good Health Care

On Christmas Eve I went to my local hospital emergency room with a condition called, Bell’s palsey. Bells palsy is manifested by a paralysis of one side of the face. In this case it is the right side, and it makes drinking, eating, and talking difficult. It is like having half your face desensitized with Novocain by your dentist.

You get the drools real easy.

A follow-up visit to a neurologist has resulted in the order for an MRI to investigate if there are other problems. You see, I had the same problem on the left side of my face about seven years ago. The operating theory now is that this may not be a coincidence.

I get my MRI tomorrow at 1:00 PM. If I were living in Canada, or God forbid, depending on the public health care sector of the United Kingdom, I wouldn’t get that MRI for months.

From the Telegraph, “The NHS in England had 6 MRI machines per million population in 2010, with figures across Britain putting the country below the Slovak Republic, Turkey, Estonia and Ireland in a league table of provision.”

By contrast, the United States had about 26 MRI machines per million population in 2007. This does not include the ubiquitous CT Scanning machines that you find in virtually every hospital, and some doctors offices here in the USA.

My point is that it took about three days to schedule an MRI for my brain scan, and two of those days were over the weekend. That wouldn’t have happened in the UK, or in Canada. Well, if you are rich maybe there’s a way around the rules that the peasants over there have to obey.

I could go into the legions of studies that were done in the last decade that showed that the USA health care system was 49th in the world, but this one blog does not allow the space and time for that.

Let it be known, that now we have Obama Care ripping hundreds of billions of dollars from senior care (Medicare) to pay for indigent insurance, the death rates will rise significantly as the government rations health care to the elderly.

The overall quality of health care in this nation will go down. I guess the Canadians will stop coming over the border for a visit, now.

10 thoughts on “Good-Bye Good Health Care”

  1. Am not sure what you mean about it taking 3 days for an MRI in America…You DO know it can take 3 months in Canada or Britain, right? STill, do we REALLY need so many MRI machines? And, isn’t that ONE way we could keep costs down instead of prices down?
    I hope you’ll be okay, Bob………let us know about the results…and has the palsy lifted yet?
    I admire and like you so much; God bless you and keep you. I want you around. 🙂
    XXX Z

  2. Z: if you are referencing the relative cost of care in the US, the prevalence of advanced medical technology is part of the difference between the USA and the UK. There are peer reviewed studies showing that most of the cost difference between healthcare in the US and other countries has to do with the livable wages and salaries paid to health care workers in the USA as opposed to other other countries, I can’t give you the details on these papers, but they are from academics at University of Pennsylvania, and MIT. Our health care has cost more because we get more. Period.

    When I got kidney cancer 7 years ago, it was identified with a CT Scan the day after I originally went to my family internal medicine professionals. It was followed up quickly by an MRI, and withing three weeks of the discovery of renal cell carcinoma, the offending kidney was gone. This type of cancer can come back after about a decade or so, and without Obama Care, I may be able to keep a watch to see if there is a return bout. Now that Obama is stealing from Medicare, who knows how long the elderly will be allowed to live.

    Barack Obama is the worst thing to happen to elderly people since the famines in ancient Egypt.

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