“False Controversies” Do Not Exist, Susan Rice!

Shame on Susan Rice, again. First, she lied to the American people about what happened on the 9/11 anniversary when our ambassador to Libya was murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists in a planned attack. She insisted that the reason for the attack was a dumb anti-Islam  video on YouTube.

Recently in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes, she told Leslie Stahl that the Benghazi scandal was a “false” controversy. Now, an event can either be controversial or not, but there is no such thing as a false controversy.

Got that? There is NO SUCH THING AS A FALSE CONTROVERSY! How can I say this with confidence? Well, it is just a little bit of logic, and a bit of the King’s English employed to point out another fallacy in Susan Rice’s words.

OK. If something happens, or somebody says something that someone else questions and pursues the perceived truth of a matter, then the situation is controversial. If something is controversial, it is controversial no matter the position of any one party of the discussion/argument.

A controversy is a controversy. It is the duty of the Administration to lay out their time line, explaining where every one was, and allowing the participants and witnesses to be interviewed. The Obama Administration has consistently stonewalled the Congress and the press on the Benghazi controversy.

We have a dead ambassador, and dead US citizens who were charged with protecting out people in a hostile country. Instead we get Susan Rice with her false controversy testimony.

The citizens of the United States and the employees of the Government who put themselves in harms way, daily, deserve better.

Susan Rice should resign, and be investigated for her culpability in the death of our representatives. The Cover Up begins with her.

It takes a lot of Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey to cover-up this one, but I’m trying.

4 thoughts on ““False Controversies” Do Not Exist, Susan Rice!”

  1. The arrogance is what bothers me most. That is the same arrogance tyrants, criminals and psychologically imbalanced people use to rationalize unacceptable behavior. A healthy society can’t accept this type of behavior, due to the damage it causes.

  2. I haven’t thought about psychologically imbalance people in relation, but I will subscribe to the arrogance thing. Thanks for the comment.

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