New Ad Campaign for Obama Care

picture of Burma Shave advertising signs
Burma Shave Signs – Wikipedia

For those of you who were born in the south in the early to mid-twentieth century, you will remember the famous bill board advertising campaigns of Burma Shave, Rock City, Ruby Falls, etc.

This was before the limited access interstate highway system when farmers could rent out the sides of their barns to let advertising companies paint their messages for all to see. What a trip down memory lane.

picture of bird house with Rock City on it
Rock City Ad on Birdhouse

Since our President is having a tough time selling his signature health care insurance program, I thought I would do some out-of-the-box creative stuff and help the Prez out a little.

Barry Baby needs to have his own Burma Shave type sign campaign, and here I offer a few example slogans to help put some lipstick on that pig called, Obama Care.

As you drive along
Life’s dreary highway
If you need help
Get ready to pay

Check your underwear
Make sure there’s no stain
If you crash your butt
You get nothing but pain

When times are tough
He’s got your back
Just watch your wallet
‘Cause that’s his knack

Check yourself
Before you wreck yourself
If you do
You’re in the poo
(hat tip to police chief David Oliver, Brimfield Ohio, and his Tweet vis-a-vis Kanye West)

Well, that’s my effort for the day. What would your signs say?

6 thoughts on “New Ad Campaign for Obama Care”

  1. I just stopped over to tell you how much I appreciated your very thoughtful comment at AOW’s blog … re: Lee & Jackson. If you are amendable, perhaps we could converse further. If you are interested in doing so, you can send me a note at

    Semper Fi

  2. Mustang: I would love talking about Civil War stuff, or most anything else. Thanks for the good words.

    AOW: You did a good job choosing the subject matter, and moderating the discussion. Great article!

  3. Bob, I have to get over to my dear friend AOW’s blog to see what you wrote! You and Mustang should have a glorious time chatting about this stuff; AOW and Mustang are THE BEST. By the way, I love what you wrote at my place to Dave when you said “I am not trying to be argumentative, just asking.” I wish all comments were like that !!!

    And what do you mean by those Burma shave signs “In the south?” When I was a little girl, they had them on the long desert drive to Las Vegas, too! For miles! OK, let’s give it a go:

    The drive is long
    you must be strong
    Stay in the car
    you WILL get there
    at least it’s not

    ah, well………… 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  4. Z: When I was a teenager, my buddy and I drove to LA, partially via Route 66. I don’t remember any Burma Shave signs. By the way, if you haven’t seen the movie, “Cars”, you are really missing something. It is an animated movie steeped in the Route 66 traditions. It brought back a few memories for me.

    When I was elementary school age, the Burma Shave signs were all over the place whenever our family made visits to Mississippi, land of my parents’ birth. The “See Rock City” signs and “Ruby Falls” signs painted on the roofs and sides of barns seemed to primarily on highways leading to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Both of these attractions were on/in Lookout Mountain, overlooking Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.

    Like you, I find Mustang’s writings to be well thought out, and articulate.

    Keep doing what you do. You blog seems to be the center of a good bit of activity.

  5. Z,
    Bob is one of the civil commenters on the blogs. And the discussion in which Bob participated at my blog was, for the most part, a fascinating discussion.

    PS: Thanks for the compliment!

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