Keep Your Plan, The Man Says

I got that one right. Pundits say that this is the death knell of Obama Care, but I think the man has a plan to get through this in spite of the current problems. The web site will be fixed, and all those government and insurance computer systems will eventually be able to talk to each other. It will not take that long to fix it, either.

OK. Now that people can keep their old health care policies, they probably will not be able to resurrect the old policies because of bureaucratic inertia in the state governments and the insurance companies.

So, let’s look at how Obama gains.

1. Barack Obama has taken steps to stop the political bleeding. He doesn’t give an old sock about people as long as he is worshiped, daily, in the press. He knows that his legacy depends on what he can force the press to say about his performance.

2. The Affordable Care Act may have problems paying for all those policies that sick people will buy, but once again, Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’ t hesitate to spend money on things that he wants.

3. The ACA will still be around, even though it racks up stupendous deficits. Once again, Obama doesn’t care.

Long after Obama leaves office, the ACA will have embedded itself into our society so deeply that we cannot get rid of it.

My opinion is that Obama wins.

4 thoughts on “Keep Your Plan, The Man Says”

  1. Sorry, Ed. I thinkit is realistic.I was a professional salesman and sales manager and marketing manager for thirty years, and have run into lots of people, moral and not so moral. I see Obama as amoral, and capable of ignoring the pain around him for personal gain. We know how he sees ACA, and it is his everything. He will do anything to maintain his political viability, his legacy, and his ideals no matter what it costs the government and society.

  2. Bob, it’s so weird because countries with these kinds of plans are BEGGING their people to buy private insurance! Germany, for example, simply can’t afford it anymore….since Schroeder, they’ve been asking residents to go private. But, our media doesn’t want people to know that, so we don’t. My stepdaughter in Munich pays a thou a month for her “free German health insurance!” I swear she does. It’s awful.
    I think that the ACA might do worse than we think; in that case, it’s dead in the water. There are problems nobody talks about, like “How do we reinstate people who already got their letters saying that policy doesn’t exist anymore?” Even lefties are saying the ACA may not work.
    Frankly, Bob, for a change…I hope THEY are right and YOU are wrong !:-)

  3. You could be right, Bob … but I have my hope that you are misreading the tea leaves. I know … the last time you misread the tea leaves Americans made cool looking cars, but still. IMO, I think we are watching theater poorly done. This isn’t about health care; it’s about power. Presently, some governors and insurance companies are pushing back. And we are learning valuable lessons. I hope we are learning, at any rate. We the people are learning that political messiahs are no more than trojan horses. The GOP is learning that if they cannot or will not lead, then they have to get out of the way for the communist party. I think they are learning that it is just too darn painful for the country—not to mention dangerous. But of course, we shall see. The older I get, the least interested I become. But if you want to know what really pisses me off: one day, the US Navy will launch a new super carrier with Obama’s name on it as a reminder of our folly for the next 50 years.

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