Month: November 2013

My Scrape With Modern Medicine

Forget Obama Care. There are more serious things out there, and any one of them will make you thankful for any kind of medical care if you are unlucky enough to have those problems. Those problems revolve around critical organs like kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, brains, etc. Well, some people have no problem getting along without a functioning brain, but I digress.

During my physical examination this last March, my EKG looked a bit out of the normal (what ever that is), and my personal physician recommended a stress test.

Two weeks later, I was in my doctor’s office for that stress test which I apparently flunked. My return visit, two weeks after the stress test culminated in the recommendation for a nuclear stress test. A nuclear stress test includes some stuff tainted with radio-active isotopes, injected into my veins while I was monitored by all sorts of paraphernalia.

Two weeks later, I was told I had flunked the nuclear stress test. I guess this was supposed to be a foregone conclusion, but I figured out that if there were an emergency, somebody would have called me. This time, my doctor tells me to go to a cardiologist.

After another two weeks, I went to see the cardiologist. It only took that long because I figured nothing was wrong, and the cardiologist was just CYA for the internal medicine guy. Besides, if anything were wrong somebody would have called me.

The first question the cardiologist asked me after reviewing my records was, “Why are you here?”

Ahhh…  Those words were nice to hear. Nevertheless, the cardio guy sent me to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta for a coronary CT Scan. This is a regular CT scan, but involves being injected with a dye so that the images will be more pronounced. I queried the cardiologist at Piedmont about the risk of the dye on my one remaining kidney. It was possible for the dye to destroy my kidney, and I didn’t look forward to being on dialysis for the rest of my life.

He tested my blood on site to see if my kidney could handle the test. He also told me that he could not assess the real risk, and I had to sign an additional waiver for them to run the test. Death, as usual, was a potential result of the test.

One and one-half weeks later…

Yeah. I put off hearing about the test for a while. Besides, if there were something wrong somebody would call me. My cardiologist later told me that was not a good idea. I needed to pay more attention.

That’s when he told me that the tests for coronary artery disease were false. My testing had been a false positive. In the world of statistics, my tests resulted in a Type I error, a false positive.

I am very fortunate. Many men of my age have coronary artery disease, and some of those guys fall dead without warning. I am glad my doctors paid such close attention, and had me take confirmatory tests. It was all worth it.

Oh, and I will not wait for the doctor’s office to call me with test results, anymore. I will pester them on the idea that I just might have a problem that needs prompt attention.

Keep Your Plan, The Man Says

I got that one right. Pundits say that this is the death knell of Obama Care, but I think the man has a plan to get through this in spite of the current problems. The web site will be fixed, and all those government and insurance computer systems will eventually be able to talk to each other. It will not take that long to fix it, either.

OK. Now that people can keep their old health care policies, they probably will not be able to resurrect the old policies because of bureaucratic inertia in the state governments and the insurance companies.

So, let’s look at how Obama gains.

1. Barack Obama has taken steps to stop the political bleeding. He doesn’t give an old sock about people as long as he is worshiped, daily, in the press. He knows that his legacy depends on what he can force the press to say about his performance.

2. The Affordable Care Act may have problems paying for all those policies that sick people will buy, but once again, Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’ t hesitate to spend money on things that he wants.

3. The ACA will still be around, even though it racks up stupendous deficits. Once again, Obama doesn’t care.

Long after Obama leaves office, the ACA will have embedded itself into our society so deeply that we cannot get rid of it.

My opinion is that Obama wins.

The “Keep Your Policy” Strategy

I have some suggestions, and so do you. Our wishes with respect to this President will never come true. He will never get lost on the way to work; he will not get the slobbering snots from his kids; he will not succumb to our deadly TV stares; and he will not fade gracefully into history. President Obama is like a bad dream. We cannot get rid of him before his term is ended.

Where Obama will go is pretty clear. He will stay his course, defending the despicable Affordable Care Act until the very end, whatever that is. I envision him making only a few compromises. This is out of character for him, but it may come to pass,

The Affordable Care Act will be Barack Obama’s legacy, and the left-wing press will do everything they can to tell us that ACA is a resounding, historical success. The press has so much invested in Barack Obama that they cannot let his administration die the natural death it deserves.

If the Republican Party plays its cards right, they will take over the Senate in 2014. Given their propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they may not make it.

In view of panicking Democrat Senators, there may be something happening, soon. Most likely, the Democrat Senators will suggest that Obama delay the individual mandate for some time. Bill Clinton has a better proposal.

Clinton suggests that Obama let people keep their existing health care policies. Whether Barack likes this or not, it is the best way out of a tough situation. Think about it.

If people get to keep their policies there will no longer be the hue and cry of lie, lie, lie addressed to the President. He will be viewed as contrite, and will even be forgiven for spending extra Billion$ to give millions of people free health care without having compensating funds on the income side of the ledger.

Free health care? Don’t you know that’s a real winner for the Democrat Party?

So, now you know the Big Plan. Free stuff for poor people and illegal aliens. What’s not to like about those votes?