Month: October 2013

Obama Care Surge

The Obama Care internet web site has cost over $500,000,000 to date, and will cost a lot more before it is in working order. I could go into hour-long rants of just how incompetent this administration is, but that will not save us any money. ‘

Indeed, the way to save money is to get rid of our most ignorant spendthrift, President Barack Obama.

Now, our lack-luster chief executive is instituting a so-called technology “surge” to correct a problem that should not have happened. Obama has already surged with our money.

Obama’s first surge in correcting the problem is a surge in misleading speeches. He says the product is great, but there are “glitches”. Oh, my! Glitches? The system is a Full-On Obama patented train wreck.

I don’t believe there has been a bigger failure in our history than Obama care. The problems are systemic, and almost no amount of money can fix the myriad problems. If we are really going to have this worst of all health care systems, they need to start over on the technology part, and demand those hundreds of millions of dollars back from those companies that gamed the system for fun and profit.