Boehner To Reid, “Back Atcha'”

Mister “I No Negotiate” Harry Reid has a decision to make today.  House Majority Leader John Boehner will have the House vote this afternoon to add amendments to the Senate bill, or Continuing Resolution, to keep the government funded.

Boehner will add an amendment to defer Obama Care launch for an extra year, while eliminating the egregious medical device tax Obama care imposes on a relatively new industry. This is a wise move on Boehner’s  because pretty much all medical device start-up companies have to leave the United States because Obama care taxes the Gross Revenue of such companies.

The device tax doesn’t affect large companies in the business because they are already established and their their survival is not threatened.  A tax on gross revenues is tough on a start-up, and venture capitalists refuse to fund start-ups when the regulatory deck is stacked against them.

Obama is OK when it comes to destroying jobs and entire industries, and the refusal to even recognize these problems ensures his eventual  negligible presence in American history.

2 thoughts on “Boehner To Reid, “Back Atcha'””

  1. Bob, I’m not so sure about companies HERE already making medical devices…My niece has a big job with B&D and they have a big conference call before a meeting this week and people are shaking in their shoes. I hope you’re right that they don’t have to worry!
    this is a living nightmare and so many people don’t understand, but some ARE….a black girlfriend works at Macy’s and two colleagues, both black, have approached her (knowing she never supported Obama) saying “You know, I think he lied to us…the Obama Care plan would cost me more than what I chip in here at Macy’s for my health insurance!” Mhmmm…we tried to tell you.

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