200,000 to 400,000 Killed By Hospitals

Yeah. I know, these are some pretty big numbers. There’s another study out done by a man whose nineteen year old son was killed by negligent hospital care.

These numbers are hard to believe, and they are truly estimates. However, earlier studies have shown that over 98,000 people die due to doctors and hospitals. Please reference my earlier blog, “  The Dirty Little Health Care Secret“.

The article describing the study is linked, here. In the article you will find a link to the actual study. It gets a little technical, but it is not that hard to understand.

Nobody knows the real numbers killed by our health care system. We do feel that the 98,000 number is low, but the 400,000 number may not be out of bounds. The problem is that we don’t have good data.

Hospitals just don’t have all the right data, and this makes studies like this one an estimate. We should always remember that, but even a low estimate means that our health care system probably kills more people than die in car crashes every year.

Take care, everybody. It’s getting dangerous out there.

4 thoughts on “200,000 to 400,000 Killed By Hospitals”

  1. My father, a wise man who died in 1998, always told me, “Avoid hospitals if at all possible.” He followed his own advice and was admitted to the hospital only twice. He lived to age 86.5.

  2. One of the reasons I am focusing on this subject is because I am about to have a procedure done, I think. I failed a stress test, and have a partial blockage. We have experienced problems with hospitals when my wife had things done, and it is absolutely for someone to be with the patient ALL OF THE TIME, as you undoubtedly well know. Somebody has to be present to manage the situations.

  3. I am long past that time in my life when I revere people with MD’s after their names, or JD’s either, for that matter. I am a reasonably intelligent, well-educated human being who believes that my health, and the decisions I make thereabout, is my responsibility—exclusively. I may ask for the input from my doctor (and I know he’ll charge me for providing it), but ultimately, I must decide whether to agree to suffer the indignity of US hospital care. Life does not last forever. You want to put death off for as long as possible, but it approaches. The questions then are these: do I leave my wife in medical debt up to her eyeballs, do I suffer the indignity of having people mistreat me in my final hours, or do I just stay home and let nature take it’s course?

  4. “or do I just stay home and let nature take it’s course?”

    Right on, Mustang. I feel the same way. I started running into this stuff when researching the mortality rates of the United States as propagandized in the so-called health care debate a couple of years ago. Part of my thoughts are that we got snookered with some not-so-accurate statistics, and a health care industry that doesn’t want to talk about the dirty little secrets. As the saying goes, doctors bury their mistakes. This is not a joke, anymore.

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