Every Thing Is Normal

Mother Earth is still in her orbit around Sol, and the crickets are still doing their job in the Georgia nighttime symphony. Football season has arrived, and Barack Obama has done the absolutely predictable thing of dodging responsibility for his actions.

I am watching the Georgia football team get whipped by a hot Clemson team and Alabama beat an over-powered Virginia Tech. The really big news in other locales is that President Obama will put the question of Syrian military strikes to the US Congress.

Wow! His stated reason for doing so is because it is a really important decision, and it is important for the US Congress to have their say in the situation, regardless of the fact that Obama has already decided to kill some Syrians whether we have a vital interest in the Syrian situation, or not.

The time to worry about our interests in Syria are long past. Like melons and other fruits of the field, the longer you wait, the more ripe and rotten things get. Obama was not capable of ascertaining our interests in Syria, or who we should support. Now, all options are bad options, and the fool will wind up supporting a bunch of radical Islamist terrorists in the agency of Al Queda, and other terrorist groups. What a loser Barack Obama has turned out to be.

The Syrian revolt has been going on for about three years, and Barack Obama has made the huge mistake of not identifying our goals in that part of the world. Could it be that he thinks we have no legitimate place in the affairs of the Middle-East? That would partially explain his initial ass-kissing tour after his first election.

The news Sunday morning will be, Alabama wins, and Obama flounders.

4 thoughts on “Every Thing Is Normal”

  1. Obama may be fool playing a role he is unqualified for on the world stage. But he, or more likely his handlers, is/are very politically cunning. By passing the buck to Congress, for whom he has no respect, he has created a win-win position for himself. If Congress votes no, anything and everything that happens in Syria will be blamed on Congress. If Comgress approves the attacks on Syria and things don’t turn out well, he will claim he was only carrying out the wishes of Congress. This amateur President really does not have any shame.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jim. I agree with you 100%. I was thinking the same thing when writing the article, but settled on the idea that it has been Obama’s political wriggling that has gotten us in this position. Now, there is nothing good that will come of the situation.

    Like they say in the military, it is a SNAFU. Situation Normal, All F’d UP!

  3. Especially comforting to me because we have the crickets here too and heralding the time to return to school classes: the crickets are still doing their job in the Georgia nighttime symphony.

    Obama himself drew that red line. His attempts now to involve Congress serve as the ideal way for him to escape accountability — no matter what happens in Syria.

    Frankly, I dread the next few years under the Obama regime. What a mess!

  4. AOW, to quote somebody somewhere who wrote some book I read at sometime, “Things will get worse before they get better.” I agree, what with not only a foreign relations train wreck on the horizon, but with repeated economic train-wrecks caused by increased taxes and Obamacare. The guy truly is a crash-test dummy, even if he is a supposed smart guy.

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